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Words: When you should use…

Words, words, words!

We need them to communicate yet often they are not used correctly in sentences.

Here are three sets of words that are often used incorrectly.

Included are their meanings and their correct use in a sentence:

PresumeTo suppose that something is the case based upon probability.I presumed that the man had been escorted from the building.
AssumeTo suppose to be the case without proof.Topics which assume detailed knowledge of local events.
AcceptTo receive or undertake.He accepted a temporary role as an administrative assistant.
ExceptTo not include.They work every day except Sunday.
BoughtTo obtain in exchange for payment.Kathy bought a new car.
BroughtTo take or go with someone.Elizabeth brought Alan home from the hospital.

For other examples of incorrectly used words and how to use them correctly, check out.


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