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What are 'Conscientious' behaviour traits?

Have you ever worked with someone who appeared to be a perfectionist? This is a common trait of people who show a preference for the 'Conscientious' or 'C' behaviour traits.

This article is the fourth in a series covering the DISC behavioural traits. Previous articles have covered dealing with Dominant or Direct behaviours, working with Influencing people, the Steadiness behavioural traits and a overall one looking at using DISC in your business.

People who prefer Conscientious or 'C' behaviour appear to be:

  • Cautious
  • Precise
  • Diplomatic
  • Restrained
  • Perfectionists
  • Factual

Those who show the 'C' behaviour are motivated in an environment where performance standards are clearly defined, quality and accuracy are valued, the atmosphere is reserved and standards are stated.


These are the people in the business who show an attention to standards and detail. They are very focused on quality, are analytical thinkers and like accuracy. They're also very diplomatic with others.


What might they fear?

They fear criticism of their work, disorganised methods and situations that are emotionally out of control.


Some limitations of the 'C' behaviour can include:

  • Being overly critical of both themselves and others
  • The inability to make final decisions because of the desire to collect and analyse information
  • Creativity being hampered by a need to follow the rules
  • They can come across as being aloof

Communicating with a 'C' behaviour

When speaking to someone showing high C behaviour, speak to them in terms of accuracy and time to think. They like details to be included when given information and socialising to be minimised.


Maria Pantalone

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