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Areas Covered – Writing Effective Emails

Now that you've completed this module…

it's time to reflect on what has been covered and how you can apply the skills to your role.

This module has covered:

    • Considering if an email is the most appropriate form of communication
    • Writing an informative subject line
    • Structuring your message
    • Keeping your message short and clear
    • Knowing your audience
    • Keeping the message focused and readable
    • Including a greeting and a sign-off
    • Drafting a response to an emotive situation
    • Checking attachments
    • Checking what has been written.
    • Speaking your reader's language

How will you apply these skills?


  1. View the video.
  2. Complete the Action Plan.
  3. Download the checklist located in the Resource section.
  4. Complete the quiz for this module. To do this, click on Mark Complete, located at the bottom of this page. You will be returned to the module home page. Click on the link to complete the quiz.

Note: You will be able to complete the quiz only if you have completed all of the topics within this module.

Action Plan


Click on the link below for a checklist to assist you when writing emails. The checklist will open in a new tab where you will be able to download it.

To finalise this module…

You will now need to complete a quick quiz. Go back to the module home page by clicking on Mark Complete located at the bottom of this page.


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