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The importance of good public speaking skills

What are the benefits of learning public speaking skills?

I interviewed Francisco de Paula, a Behaviour Clinician, who recently attended my Public Speaking course to find out why he had decided to come along and what he gained from the course.

What made you decide to enrol in the Public Speaking course?

I wanted to improve my ability to speak in public at work. I attended a session presented by Maria Pantalone, and was inspired and felt more confident after the session. It made me realise that with this extra skill, I would be able to communicate better quality information.

What have you gained from the course?

I've gained specific skills and techniques that will make my presentation attractive to any audience, because it is not about me, it is about what is there for them. I've learned that preparation can prevent poor performance in presentations. I've gained confidence and extensive practice and constructive support.

This course also gave me the chance to face my fears with courage and support.

This course gave me wings and vision to dream and to see the roads from the top of the mountain like an eagle.

How will you use the skills that you've gained from this course in your workplace?

As a Behaviour Clinician part of my role is to deliver formal and information session to small and medium sized audiences. I have gained skills from this course that will enable me to do this more effectively.

Would you encourage others to do this course?

Yes, 100%, because this course can be used in any situation, eg. job interview, meetings, etc. This course equips you with the tools to reach your best performance.

Thank you, Francisco for sharing your experience.


Maria Pantalone

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams to make communication their strength so that their message is heard. Her programs help her clients to excel in their role and be recognised as leaders in their field.
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