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Share your Company's Message with Confidence for Teams

Do your team members have the skills to confidently deliver your company's message?

Could they be improved?

In a competitive marketplace people expect a professional presentation. Being able to speak well is a key component to delivering your message in a professional manner.

Presentations need to be able to be delivered in person and online. Some people may feel comfortable in one domain more than the other. Some people may not feel confident in any domain to speak to groups. Even so, it is becoming more important than ever before to be be able to confidently share the company's message to clients, team members and stakeholders.

Here's why this course is so important today

The competitive marketplace of the 21st century means that companies need to demonstrate their leadership in the field. To do this well, team members need to be able to share the company's message to stakeholders and clients.

Investing in your team members' presentation skills helps to increase their communication skills generally which means better teamwork and increased productivity. Not only that, but by addressing many people's fear of speaking in public helps them to overcome those anxieties. With the increased confidence that they gain from being able to stand and speak, team members will take less time to prepare and be able to connect with and engage their audience so that better outcomes are achieved from the presentation.

Being able to share the company's message with confidence is an essential skill of the 21st century workplace.

What your team members will learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Overcome nerves before and during a presentation
  • Structure a presentation to appeal to the audience
  • Use their voice and body language to communicate effectively to a group
  • Deliver a presentation in a way that will get their message across
  • Think on their feet when fielding questions
  • Consider slide design to enhance their message
  • Differentiate the requirements of an in person presentation versus an online presentation
  • Prepare a presentation and themselves with short notice

Special Bonuses

Weekly tips

Weekly tips for 3 months

A refresher always helps participants to continue practising good speaking habits.

Although it's good practise to review their notes from the course, participants rarely find the time to do so.

The short weekly tips help to remind them of good presentation habits and how they can implement each tip immediately.

Email Support

4 weeks of email support (Premium Option Only)

Questions often arise after a training session when participants are working on applying the skills on a daily basis. Knowing they have support to check their understanding to apply the skills well can mean the difference between making progress and becoming more productive to falling back into bad habits or asking their manager for help.

The Premium Option Special Bonus provides 4 weeks of email support following the final session of the course for all participants. During this time, they can ask any questions they may have about their presentations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered?

There are flexible delivery options. The course can be delivered as an in person or online workshop. It can also be delivered as small group coaching or individual coaching. There is a form below for you to complete so that we can provide you with the relevant information for your preferred format.

Who conducts the course?

The whole course is delivered by me (Maria Pantalone). I am there every step of the way to answer questions, provide support and guide participants.

Do my team members get support?

Each participant receives:

  • Feedback on their presentation skills
  • Weekly tips for 3 months to help them improve their speaking skills.
  • Email support for 4 weeks following the final session (Premium Option).

How will my team members and my organisation benefit from this course?

  • Team members develop the confidence to prepare and deliver a presentation at short notice.
  • Team members take ownership of the preparation of their presentations and the review of them.
  • Team members are able to critique their presentations in a constructive manner and this awareness enables them to continuously improve their skills.
  • Team members are able to assist peers with their presentations by providing constructive feedback.
  • Team members become more confident and productive in their role and overall teamwork is improved.
  • Improved speaking skills by team members reflects well on the organisation as they're able to speak to clients in a professional manner.

    Your Investment

    You can choose between the Regular and Premium options for this course.

    Share your Company's Message with Confidence
    Preparing a presentation
    Preparing the person
    Using voice and body language effectively
    Connecting with your audience
    Thinking on your feet techniques
    Providing constructive feedback
    Weekly tips for 3 months
    4 weeks of email support for all participants (worth $960)
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    Pay securely with any of these options
    Payment options
    Your investment options will be sent to you when the preferred delivery format is provided.

    Your Team's Requirements

    Complete the form below so that I can provide you with relevant information for your preferred delivery format and your investment for your team's professional development.

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    Have questions?

    If you have any questions that haven't been answered, please contact me and let me know how I can help.