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Seven Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

Have you ever had to write a document, such as a proposal for a client, and it all seemed just too hard?

Writer's block can often hit when we just don't have the time to go blank. This is something that most of us have experienced at some time in our working lives.


There are numerous causes for writer's block. These include:

  • Feeling pressured by the limited time to complete the writing task
  • Not having enough information about what needs to be included in the document
  • Not being sure as to where to start
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task

7 Tips

Here are seven tips to help overcome writer's block the next time you experience it.

1. Be clear about your purpose and outcome

The purpose of your document is the reason why you're writing it. The outcome is what you want the reader to do as a result of reading your document.

2. Outline the key points

Brainstorm what you may need to cover in the document and then organise these points into a logical format. Use these key points as the main headings of your document.

3. Recognise when and how you work best

You may work best on difficult tasks first thing in the morning or after midday. Recognise when you work best. Then place yourself in an environment that gives you the best chance of writing.

4. Take a break

By doing something else or even going for a walk, your mind is able to rest. You'll be refreshed when you return to the task.

5. Break the task into smaller parts

Break the task into smaller parts and decide which parts you'll tackle first. You don't have to complete them all at once. This makes it easier to manage.

6. Schedule time to write

By setting aside the time to write you're able to commence and make progress. Usually the thought of doing something is worse than actually doing it.

7. Turn the critical voice off

There is a time and place for criticism. It's called editing which is undertaken after you've written your document.

These are my seven tips to assist you when next you experience writer's block.

Do you have any tips that you find work for you? Share your tips here.


Maria Pantalone

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams to make communication their strength so that their message is heard. Her programs help her clients to excel in their role and be recognised as leaders in their field.
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