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Purpose vs Outcome

What is the difference between the purpose and the outcome of a business document?

Purpose of a document

Are you clear as to why you're writing your business document?

Ask yourself:

What is the purpose of this document?

Most business documents are written to:

  • Inform
  • Persuade
  • Build rapport

A business document should have only one purpose. Decide the purpose of your document. If it is clear to you then you should be able to write it in one succinct sentence.

Outcome of a document

A business document can have one or more outcomes.

When writing outcomes ask yourself:

  • What do you want the reader to do, feel or think after reading your document?
  • When and how do you want them to do it?

By being clear as to the purpose and outcome(s) of your document, you'll be able to maintain your focus during the writing process.


Maria Pantalone

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams to make communication their strength so that their message is heard. Her programs help her clients to excel in their role and be recognised as leaders in their field.
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