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Public speaking skills – what can it do for you?

Fabiola Cordova was a participant in Maria Pantalone's Public Speaking Course.

Here, Fabiola shares her experiences and what she has gained from the course.

1. Why did you enrol in the Public Speaking Course?

I needed to gain more confidence. At work I need to do PowerPoint presentations and I tend to get very nervous standing in front of people.

2. What have you gained from the course?

I have gained more confidence in being able to speak in front of people. I've also learnt some tricks on how to use my nerves to work for me not against me. I will still need to continue to practise when it comes to handling my nerves but I feel more confident now than I did originally.

This course has helped me to not only improve my communication skills but also the confidence to deliver presentations.

3. How will you use the skills that you've gained from this course in your workplace/life?

I have started a Management Course. As part of the course, we're required to speak in front of the class as part of our groups. So I've already started using the techniques that I learnt in the Public Speaking Course to help me with my further studies.

4. Would you encourage others to do this course?

Yes, definitely – especially those people who need to gain more confidence.

Thank you, Fabiola, for sharing your experience.


Maria Pantalone

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams to make communication their strength so that their message is heard. Her programs help her clients to excel in their role and be recognised as leaders in their field.
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