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Special Offer – Leadership & Communication eBooks

Special Offer – Leadership & Communication eBooks

$21.99 inc GST

Two eBooks for the price of one

For a limited time only, buy two eBooks for the price of one.


eBook #1: Success Talks – Conversations with Everyday Leaders

Normally $21.99 (includes GST)

Success Talks

This eBook brings together eighteen everyday leaders from a variety of industries and professions to share their unique experiences and insights of leadership in business today.

The leadership advice is captured in informative conversations that contain many practical tips for leaders and aspiring leaders to achieve career success.

This fresh approach to comprehending leadership is delivered with entertaining real life examples.

Organised into clear, relevant and brief sections, this leadership advice is easily understood and can be applied to your daily working life, aid your business communication proficiency, widen your level of influence and advance your power of persuasion skills.


eBook #2: Why Communication Fails – And what you can do about it

Normally $21.99 (includes GST)

Why Communication Fails eBook

This eBook addresses the three main areas of communication that we struggle with in our working days.

It provides practical tips and techniques to help you with your communication skills, whether you’re speaking, writing or wanting to improve your interpersonal communication with clients and colleagues.


The eBook is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Driving to nowhere – looks at the importance of preparation from your audience’s perspective.
  • Part 2 – The ‘huh’ factor – addresses the use of confusing words and too much information.
  • Part 3 – Beware the shiny objects – focuses on the distractions in the workplace, how they affect your ability to communicate effectively and what you can do to improve your communication with others.


Please note:

  • The eBooks are only available in PDF format.
  • Amount is in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • If you are located outside of Australia, the GST (10% tax) amount will be removed when you enter your country during the checkout process.



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