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Your Coaching Sessions

Accessing your online sessions

You can access your online sessions by clicking here.

Contacting your Coach

You can easily contact your coach in one of two ways:

  1. Ask a question via the online portal below.
  2. Send an email to

Important information about your coaching sessions

  • Once your coaching sessions have been booked into your calendar, you will be sent a reminder closer to each session.
  • Each coaching session is 1 hour in length to minimise the time away from your work and to maximise the amount of material that can be covered.
  • Each session is tailored to your needs so that you receive the maximum benefit and are able to immediately apply the skills covered into your workplace.

The online platform

We use an online platform, to run our coaching sessions. You may need to run an executable file (.exe file), which won't download to your computer or business network system. That means that we will be able to have our online sessions via the internet while still meeting workplace security protocols.

  • If you're at work, you will need a headset/earphones or a meeting room for the online sessions. If you're outside of your workplace, you'll need a (preferably quiet) location with access to the internet.
  • The online platform allows sharing of screens and the use of whiteboards. Rest assured, you will be shown how to use everything and won't be expected to remember how to use the 'controls'. That's what we're there for – to help make every session the best that it can be for you.


We understand the need for a supportive and relaxed environment. We aim to make you feel at ease whilst challenging and stretching you to increase your skills.

Re-scheduling of sessions

You can easily change your day/time if needed. We do ask that you give a minimum of 24 hours' notice. If 24 hours' notice is not received the full fee for the session will be charged.


Ask your question below.