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Instructional Design Services

This service is for your business if you need training or reference materials to help your team members become productive in their roles.

Why would you need this service?

You need your team to be highly productive, whether they are new to the business or existing staff.

New Team Members

New team members need to understand how to complete tasks in their role and begin achieving goals quickly. When they do that, they are not only going to be highly productive but also actively enhance your company's profile.

Existing Team Members

With the demands and pressures in business, your existing team members may need:

  • Up-skilling to meet the changing requirements of their role.
  • Training in new product lines or systems.
  • Communication of new ways of working with customers / clients.

You may have subject matter experts who can deliver the training but you need someone to write the material for them.

My area of specialty is effective communication so I am able to break down complex concepts into manageable, bite-sized learning.

Training Materials

What type of materials can be developed?

Depending upon your business needs, the following is a selection of materials that can be developed:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Self-paced interactive workbooks
  • Cheat sheets
  • Facilitator guides
  • Participant workbooks
  • Handouts
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Instructional videos

How do I provide the best solution for your business needs?

I follow a 3-step process:

1. Investigate & articulate – We begin by discussing the challenges and your goals for wanting this training within the business. I then provide you with an outline of what I can do for your business, the timeframe and your investment.

2. Develop & review – The materials are developed within the agreed timeframe. Your subject matter expert(s) or delegated person will review and sign off the end product.

3. Educate & deliver – I go through the end product with the people needing to use it – the subject matter experts, trainers, etc. This is to make sure that they are comfortable with the material and they have the opportunity to ask any questions.

3-step process
Decision time

Why Infinite Growth?

I have been working in the instructional design field for over 17 years. The types of writing projects that I have undertaken have included as an instructional designer, technical writer, business writer and facilitator (for train the trainer sessions or to train staff in how to develop effective training).

I have worked on major projects for businesses to up-skill their staff or as part of an onboarding process. Clients have included the banking sector, mining, healthcare, electrical wholesalers, coffee house companies, education sector and technology companies.

"Maria reviewed, documented and helped us improve our help desk processes and procedures. She has the knack of unravelling complexity and making it simple to understand. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Murray Fane, Manager, MMEM

"Maria has worked on a number of Supply Chain and Logistics assignments with Logiworx over the past 5 years and has impressed her colleagues and clients with her skills facilitating often complex and detailed material."

Bruce Myers, Senior Director, Logiworx

"I really like how you provide structure to things, Maria!"

Lisa Morley, Senior Learning & Development Consultant, GrainCorp

More Information

To find out more about my instructional design services, contact me to discuss your requirements.