How to achieve your goals

Achieve your goals!

Being able to effectively communicate with your peers, senior management, team members, clients … and possibly potential employers … will aid in helping you achieve your goals.

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Using DISC in business

Using DISC in your business

Using DISC in your business can assist you in improving the productivity of your team. In doing so, it’s important to understand what DISC is and why you’d benefit from using it.

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Is it that time of the year for you?

Now is the season to plan, plan, plan. Yet deadlines still need to be met, clients still need to be attended to and the year is quickly coming to a close … This time of the year can become very stressful for many people. High stress levels can result in tense situations which can have an impact on your communication style.

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Leadership lessons learnt whilst sitting in a boat

Have you ever achieved a dream that you’d never thought possible? In 2009, I competed at the National Championships for Dragon Boat racing – a sport that I’d only taken up in mid 2008. It was something that I’d never thought possible. I took away some valuable lessons from this experience which can also be applied to our working lives.

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How to use emails effectively

Emails: pleasure or pain?

Have you ever received an email that gave you the impression the sender had not thought about or checked what they had written? Emails are just as important as any other form of business correspondence so the same standards should apply to your writing.

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Which words?

Which word?

Have you ever read a document that was full of incorrectly used words? What impression did it give you of the writer?

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What’s your WOW factor?

It only takes 3 seconds to form a first impression of someone. So it’s important to make a good first impression. The same is true when we give a presentation. Our opening should capture our audience’s attention. We want them to think ‘WOW, this is someone worth listening to!’

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