How to use emails effectively

Emails: pleasure or pain?

Have you ever received an email that gave you the impression the sender had not thought about or checked what they had written? Emails are just as important as any other form of business correspondence so the same standards should apply to your writing.

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Which words?

Which word?

Have you ever read a document that was full of incorrectly used words? What impression did it give you of the writer?

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What’s your WOW factor?

It only takes 3 seconds to form a first impression of someone. So it’s important to make a good first impression. The same is true when we give a presentation. Our opening should capture our audience’s attention. We want them to think ‘WOW, this is someone worth listening to!’

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Where to begin when preparing a presentation?

Have you ever felt like you’re working through a maze of information when having to develop a presentation? This can make the whole process an overwhelming experience. There are a number of key questions to consider when preparing your presentation.

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What are your customers saying about you?

I was recently at the hairdressers and enjoyed listening to the various discussions around me. No where else do you find out valuable information about products and services … all for the price of a haircut.

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Flying Solo Live!

Maria Pantalone was on a panel of experts on how to sharpen your personal and business image at Flying Solo’s Live ‘Bring out the Best’ Conference.

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