Vocal qualities

Vocal Qualities

An awareness of how your voice sounds to others is a real advantage. The more comfortable you become with your own voice, the more effective you will be in building rapport with clients and colleagues.

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Telephone Skills

Have you ever rung a business and wondered if you had gotten the right one? The handling of incoming calls is generally understood as an essential component in giving a good first impression.

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Dictionary words

Confusing Words

The simplest words can often be the most confusing to use in the correct context. Here are examples of when to use some of our confusing words.

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That vs Which

Have you ever been confused as to when you should use ‘that’ or ‘which’ in a sentence? Here are 3 tips that I came across in the ‘Australian Handbook for Writers and Editors’ by Margaret McKenzie.

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How to work effectively as a team

Teamwork and MasterChef

Have you watched the show, ‘MasterChef’? I’m always interested in the team challenges. These are good examples of people suddenly having to come together and within a very short period of time work as one unit to achieve their goals for the challenge.

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Learning Environments

Do you want to boost recall by up to 15%? In his book, ‘Brain Rules’, John Medina describes an experiment where recall is tested with two sets of divers in two differing situations. He concludes that there is an inescapable neurological connection between learning, recall and location.

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Tuning into your audience

Are you tuned into your audience?

A well-prepared presentation given to the wrong audience can have the same effect as a poorly prepared one given to the correct audience. They can both fail dismally.

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