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Solutions for Individuals

This service is for you if you want to hone your business communication skills and be open to new opportunities in your career or leadership role.

Are you experiencing challenges in your verbal or written communication with team members?

This may be in everyday communication such as emails or instructions to team members or more complex tasks such as reports and presentations.

This can impact negatively on your productivity during each day and even in your career.  

Is this you? Then let's chat.


Why would you need this service?

Most professionals are so busy with everyday work, together with the pressures and demands of their roles that they don't realise the impact this has on their communication skills until the feelings of overwhelm and frustration set in 

If you are experiencing one or more of the following situations, then this service will be perfect for you:  

  • You are feeling frustrated by the amount of time you spend clarifying your communication with others.  
  • You want an easier way to 'get to the point' in a polite way so that others act and not disregard you or come back with further questions.  
  • You spend long hours at the office or working remotely to try and stay on top of everything.  
  • You are losing confidence in your abilities due to the constant feeling of the lack of progress in your role and career, even though you are highly qualified in your field.  
  • Your interpersonal communication is suffering.  
  • You find it difficult to work effectively with certain team members.  

What type of results can you expect from working with me?

Working with me will mean that you will have a program that addresses your specific business communication needs. You will be supported every step of the way and as your confidence grows you will find you will be ready to step up to new opportunities.  

Working with me, helps my clients to  

  • Express messages in a polite, clear and concise way, whether in writing or verbally, so that others act.  
  • Feel confident that they can approach any communication situation and express themselves well.  
  • Step up to new opportunities to progress in their role and career.  
  • Adapt to their clients' and colleagues' communication styles.  
  • Understand how to communicate effectively with people that they once found frustrating to work with, allowing them to achieve both team and business goals.  

Find out more or start now

To find out more about my programs, contact me to discuss your business communication goals. Or, you can choose one of the courses below and start immediately.

You can choose from the selection of programs below or have a tailored solution developed for you.

Self-Study Courses

The online self-study courses are available 24/7 and include 3 months of online support.

At each stage of the online self-study courses, you learn essential business communication skills, which you can immediately apply to your role.

You can complete the modules at your own pace with full online support every step of the way.

The courses currently available are:



Professional Business Writing

This coaching program is delivered virtually.

The ability to express yourself clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business. 

A person who can write with clarity is considered to be an asset to a company and is more likely to progress in their career, compared to one who struggles with their writing.

When you click on Find Out More you can also let me know your requirements.


Share your Company's Message with Confidence

This coaching program is delivered virtually.

The ability to stand in front of clients, peers or team members to deliver key company messages with clarity, confidence and poise is a prized quality.

It shows critical thinking skills, leadership abilities and professionalism which are qualities that help you to stand out in the workplace.

When you click on Find Out More you can also let me know your requirements.


Enhance your communication in the workplace

This coaching program is delivered virtually.

Being able to communicate effectively is a key component to working well with others, especially in the hybrid workplace of today.

Whether you're participating in a team meeting, leading a team, presenting to clients or writing to stakeholders, your ability to express yourself in a professional manner helps to build rapport and increase productivity.

Effective communication isn't just about speaking and writing. It's also about listening and hearing what's unsaid. It's about understanding body language. It's about engagement and so much more…

This program is tailored to your specific needs. It can focus on one or multiple areas of communication.

When you click on Find Out More you can also let me know your requirements.

More Information

To find out more about my programs for individuals and teams, contact me to discuss your business communication goals.

Or you can click here to find out more about the clients I work with.