Business Communication & Leadership Skills
for Individuals

This service is for you if you want to hone your business communication skills and be open to new opportunities in your career or leadership role.  

You will be in a team or in a leadership role and are experiencing challenges in your verbal or written communication.

This may be in everyday communication such as emails or instructions to team members or more complex tasks such as reports and presentations. You know that this is impacting negatively on your productivity during each day and even in your career.  


Why would you need this service?

Most professionals are so busy with everyday work, together with the pressures and demands of their roles that they don’t realise the impact this has on their communication skills until the feelings of overwhelm and frustration set in 

If you are experiencing one or more of the following situations, then this will be perfect for you:  

  • You are feeling frustrated by the amount of time you spend clarifying your communication with others.  
  • You want an easier way to ‘get to the point’ in a polite way so that others act and not disregard you or come back with further questions.  
  • You spend long hours at the office to try and stay on top of everything.  
  • You are losing confidence in your abilities due to the constant feeling of the lack of progress in your role and career, even though you are highly qualified in your field.  
  • Your interpersonal communication is suffering.  
  • You find it difficult to work effectively with certain team members.  

What type of results can you expect from working with me?

Working with me will mean that you will have a tailored program to address your specific business communication needs. You will be supported every step of the way and as your confidence grows you will find you will be ready to step up to new opportunities.  

Working with me, helps my clients to  

  • Express messages in a polite, clear and concise way, whether in writing or verbally, so that others act.  
  • Feel confident that they can approach any communication situation and express themselves well.  
  • Step up to new opportunities to progress in their role and career.  
  • Adapt to their clients’ and colleagues’ communication styles.  
  • Understand how to communicate effectively with people that they once found frustrating to work with, allowing them to achieve both team and business goals.  

How you get the best solution for your needs


We begin by discussing your goals and the communication challenges that are preventing you from achieving them.

We look at a realistic timeframe together with the other demands on your time and then develop a tailored program that focuses on your specific needs. This will help you to make progress toward your goals and minimise the feelings of overwhelm. 

The program may be delivered as an online course, in person or online coaching sessions, or a combination of these.   


You will be practising the skills you learn during the program and immediately applying them in the workplace. This will help you to consolidate the learning and gain feedback on your progress. As you make progress, your confidence will increase in the area/s that you once found challenging.  

To find out more about the tailored programs, contact me to discuss your business communication goals or read on for more detailed information about what your program could include.  


Your tailored solution will include a combination of the following programs.  


Business Writing Made Easy Online Program

  • This online program is available 24/7 and includes 12 months of online support.

In this online program you learn essential business writing skills to excel in your role. You can complete the program at your own pace, knowing you have full online support at every step of the way. 

The program is packed with resources, including practical exercises, checklists and quizzes to help you check your learning. At each stage, you apply the skills to your own business documents.

The following is an overview of the stages in the program.   

Program Overview
  1. We begin with an introduction to effective business writing. You also complete a self-assessment so that you can focus on the areas that you want to develop.  
  2. Next, we delve into the steps involved in planning a document and you will be able to immediately apply these steps to your business documents.  
  3. The writing stage is where all the planning is brought together and is applied it to the writing of your document. You will also cover the different aspects of language and the importance of layouts of documents.  
  4. The editing stage provides a three-step process to effectively edit documents.  
  5. Finally, we’ll look at the areas specific to writing emails in the workplace and you will be given tips to help write more effective emails. 

“The course was a good overview of things which should be always present in our business writing but often isn’t due to time constraints. That is, planning beforehand, writing a structured draft and less passive voice where usage is not warranted.”
– Amy Lynne Welsh

“This program helped me to be more professional in my everyday writing of business material. All aspects of the program were beneficial, and I would recommend it to others. Thanks to Maria for all her help.”
 Deanna Thomas  


“Exceptional course! I found the course to be relevant and very easy to follow. It is comprehensive and provides many useful tools to assist you to write effectively. If you want to improve, be more coherent and articulate in your written communication, whether personal or business writing, then I highly recommend this course.”
– Francis Foo  


Professional Business Writing

  • This coaching program is delivered in person at your premises or via online video conferencing.

The ability to express yourself clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business. A person who can write with clarity is considered to be an asset to a company and is more likely to progress in their career, compared to one who struggles with their writing. 


The areas covered include:

  • Structure documents so that they are easy to follow.  
  • Define the purpose and outcomes of a document.  
  • Identify the reader of the document.  
  • Develop an outline for a business document.  
  • How to use plain English, an appropriate tone and the active voice in business documents.  
  • Apply a structure approach to editing a business document.  
  • Structure emails appropriately for the workplace.  



“Maria was fantastic to work with. Leading in to it, I was a little unsure about what I would be able to get out of a business writing [coaching] course, in particular that would benefit me in my specific role. Maria was great in adapting each session to concepts and work that was relative to my individual role, using my own writing as the basis for our lessons. I would highly recommend Maria for anyone looking to improve their writing skills; whether it is event reports, business proposals or even just everyday work emails.”  
– Chris O’Rorke, Surf Life Saving NSW  


“I had been working in Australia for two and a half years after relocating from Paris when I began coaching with Maria. My background is as a Chartered Accountant specialising in transactions and takeovers and the reports I write for my clients become public documents so it is important that they are clear and concise. I was aware that strong written communication skills would play a major role in my professional development so I decided to engage Maria’s services. Maria took the time to understand the specific areas of difficulty I was facing. Based on this, Maria developed a simple and effective strategy to help me improve my written communication skills in English. Maria devised a simple method that allowed me to carefully plan each of my written documents, in order to communicate effectively with the reader. With Maria’s help I have gained confidence in my ability to write in English and have made significant progress.”  
– Xavier Blerot, Transaction & Corporate Finance Specialist, Lawler Corporate Finance Pty Ltd 


Share your Message with Confidence

  • This coaching program is delivered in person at your premises or via online video conferencing.

The ability to stand in front of clients, peers or team members to deliver key company messages with clarity, confidence and poise is a prized quality. It shows critical thinking skills, leadership abilities and professionalism which are qualities that help you to stand out in the workplace.  


The areas covered include: 

Understanding your audience  

  • Who are they?  
  • What do they know about your product/service?  
  • What do they want or need to know about your product/service?  
  • How will they benefit from your product/service? 

Crafting and sequencing of your message(s)  

  • Showing the worth of your product/service to your audience.  
  • Technical vs ‘everyday’ language for clarity and appropriateness.  


  • Presenting your message with confidence.  
  • Building rapport and giving your audience a positive experience.  
  • Engaging your audience at each stage of your presentation.  
  • Maximise the impact of your presentation through voice and body language.  
  • Adapting your presentation for culturally diverse groups.  
  • Thinking on your feet when fielding questions.  

“Maria was exceptional. Her weekly points were clearly explained. She made me personally feel good about myself and brought out the best in me with areas I can work on with my presentations.”  
– Daniel Saluni  

“The online coaching sessions are great. You will not get this type of coaching in a classroom environment.
It is unique.”
– Waheeda Bulladin, Auditor

“Maria’s input was invaluable in assisting me to prepare for a presentation that I gave at an AHRI conference in Queensland. I found that the feedback provided helped me to tailor my presentation to my audience of senior HR executives and effectively deal with unexpected situations (of which there were many).
Thank you, Maria.” 
– Rebecca Montagu, Leadership Source 


Connect with your Team Members

  • This coaching program is delivered in person at your premises or via online video conferencing.

You and your team are the ‘face’ of your business. It is essential that the message that is given is one of a professional, client-focused business.


The areas covered include:

  • The different elements of effective teamwork  
  • Techniques to listen actively and read body language appropriately  
  • The importance of asking effective questions  
  • Analyse your preferred communication style and its impact on others  
  • Moving from disempowering to cooperative language 
  • Structuring and framing conversations

“In the busyness of everyday work together with the pressures and demands of my role, my communication skills were slipping. Maria’s gentle coaching style has helped me to develop the framework and set up the parameters for both written and verbal communication, managing time and prioritising. This has helped me to get back on the right track. I’m now able to achieve more with less. I’d highly recommend Infinite Growth as a partner to help you keep up the skills we all know we need but seldom stop to check and improve.”  
– Marina Hart, Training and Development Manager, ING Australia 


Leading with Presence

  • This coaching program is delivered in person at your premises or via online video conferencing.


Leadership presence is the blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, send all the right signals. It’s about how you make others feel and how effectively you communicate both verbally and non-verbally.


The areas covered include:

  • Determine your preferred leadership communication style and its impact on others.  
  • Aspects of group dynamics and its impact upon teamwork  
  • The importance of motivators and clear communication  
  • Considering situations from multiple perspectives and adapting to the situation to communicate your message effectively  
  • Empathic listening skills and body language to connect with your team members  

“I approached Infinite Growth for coaching sessions to further develop my potential as a leader and effectively improve communication with my colleagues and the wider community. Infinite Growth helped me by providing a supportive learning environment that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become a more effective and confident leader in a changing community environment. My communication skills and performance in the workplace have greatly improved because of the development and use of SMART goals. What was great and unique was the open and transparent process of communication and that every session was tailor-made to suit my individual needs and requirements. I found the experience honest, challenging, focused and most rewarding. I would recommend Infinite Growth to any person in a leadership role looking to learn and continuously improve their skills.”  
– Heather Pinto, General Manager, Christian Community Aid  


More Information…

Contact me for more information about how I can help you or click here to book in a no obligation time to speak and discuss your specific needs.