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How to have a powerful impact in business

Finely Honed Public Speaking Skills = Powerful Impact on Business

Public speaking skills are a necessity for moving up the corporate ladder whether you are a manager or hoping to become one.

Consider yourself an ambassador for the company. Your confidence in representing your company will have an impact on how others perceive you.

Presentation skills in business require knowledge and the ability to project yourself and your plan in a positive manner.

Your aim should be that the audience or management remembers you and your plan.

The following tips can help you hone your public speaking skills.

10 Power Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills

Tip #1

Be as well prepared as possible about the topic and audience. Speaking to a group of upper management or a potential group of investors may require a different pitch. Know the material well, regardless of whether you actually prepared the presentation or had someone else do so.

Tip #2

Anticipate possible questions that may be asked regarding points of the presentation. Be honest if you don't have the answer. Offer to provide the information after the presentation or as soon as possible. Make sure that you follow up and do so.

Tip #3

Organise the material to ensure it flows easily from the first point through to the last. A haphazard delivery or letting the audience know that you've forgotten a section can make it difficult for them to follow.

Tip #4

Dress appropriately. Make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. Put on the entire ensemble including shoes and accessories the night before a business presentation to ensure all buttons and zippers work. Check shoes for scuffs and make certain that any jewelry projects the desired image.

Tip #5

Practise the entire presentation including the use of visual aids. Enlist family members or colleagues to provide feedback or use a video camera to record the presentation so you can go back and tweak points or actions afterwards.

Tip #6

Use eye contact effectively during your presentation. Avoid focusing on one person or your notes while speaking. For a large room, divide it into sections and give your attention to each section during the presentation.

Tip #7

Relax. Don't allow yourself to feel intimidated and realise that everyone in the room has possibly experienced the same situation. They also want to be educated by your presentation so they want you to do well.

Tip #8

Speak clearly pausing for emphasis when needed. This enables the audience to hear and understand what is being said. People often speak faster when they are nervous and doing so will reduce your effectiveness.

Tip #9

Begin the presentation by telling the audience when you will take questions – either during the presentation or afterwards. This allows you to control the flow of the presentation.

Tip #10

Summarise your key points at the end of your presentation and have a call to action. What is it that you want your audience to now do?

Make an impact

By focusing on improving your public speaking skills you're able to present yourself, your company and your plans in the best possible light.

Placing yourself in the spotlight is easiest when you are fully prepared and comfortable. Belief in what you are promoting is your strongest ally for adding impact to your next business presentation.


Maria Pantalone

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams to make communication their strength so that their message is heard. Her programs help her clients to excel in their role and be recognised as leaders in their field.
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