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Gain confidence with public speaking skills

Lynne Boyd and John Yan have been interviewed about their experiences in Maria Pantalone's Public Speaking Skills course.

Today's interview is with Jackson To who shares his experiences of being part of the course.

1. What made you enrol in the Public Speaking Skills course?

I've been lacking in confidence in order to present to a group of people I'm not familiar with. As I progress further in my career, I feel it's vital to have the Public Speaking skills as a strong communication device in a face-to-face environment.

2. What have you gained from the course?

The biggest gain has been my self-confidence. Being advised where my strengths and weaknesses lie is so important. I can now practise my speeches in a group and be given immediate feedback – not just from Maria but also from my fellow students. I have been taught breathing skills, how to project my voice clearly and pace my speeches more effectively.

3. How will you use the skills that you've gained from this course?

I will be able to structure my speeches effectively without just reading from the material. I will also be able to keep eye contact with the audience and deliver a speech with a beginning, middle and end. Slowing down the speech provides me with the ability to focus on the relevant points and deliver a punchy presentation.

4. Would you encourage others to do this course?

Yes, not only those who do a lot of presentations as part of their lives but it gives you confidence when speaking to a large group, no matter what their background.


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