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Enhance your communication in the workplace

Are there times when you struggle to communicate effectively with others?

Being able to communicate effectively is a key component to working well with others, especially in the hybrid workplace of today.

Whether you're in a team meeting, leading a team, presenting to clients or writing to stakeholders, your ability to express yourself in a professional manner will help to build rapport and increase productivity. Effective communication isn't just about speaking and writing. It's also about listening and hearing what's unsaid. It's about understanding body language. It's about engagement and so much more…

Here's why this training is so important today

Being able to communicate effectively is an essential part of being productive in your role and as part of your team. People often underestimate the importance of communication skills in the workplace, especially in the digital environment that is the workplace of the 21st century.

In a society where there's never enough time and generic courses don't meet the mark, it's important that you have a program tailored to your specific needs.

This coaching program does just that. It saves you time because you let me know what it is you need. Whether you want to focus on one aspect of your communication, for example, running team meetings that stay to time, or a few areas, the program is structured so that you're able to immediately practise and refine those skills.

Making the time to build your skills helps you to become more productive in your role. To succeed as an individual helps you to also succeed as part of a team.

How a tailored coaching program can help you

The communication skills package can help you to:

  • Speak effectively with peers, team members and clients
  • Establish a stronger connection with your clients
  • Save time when writing to team members, stakeholders and clients
  • Develop empathic listening skills for a better understanding of what is being shared, both emotionally and intellectually
  • Use questioning skills to gather information and understand a situation 
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Present with confidence
  • Become more productive in your role
  • Confidently embrace new opportunities in your career or business

Special Bonuses

Complimentary session

Preparation Session

To make the most of our coaching time together, we'll have a 20-minute online session to discuss your objectives, what we'll cover and when we'll meet. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have prior to our first session. By completing this preparation session it will enable us to focus on your specific training needs during the coaching sessions.

Weekly tips

Weekly tips for 3 months

A refresher always helps you to continue practising good habits.

Although it's good practise to review your notes, most people rarely find the time to do so.

The short weekly tips helps to remind you of good communication habits and how you can implement each tip immediately.

Email Support

4 weeks of email support (Premium Option Only)

Questions often arise after a coaching program when a person is working on applying the skills on a daily basis. Knowing that you have support to check your understanding to apply the skills well can mean the difference between making progress and becoming more productive to falling back into bad habits.

The Premium Option Special Bonus provides 4 weeks of email support following the final session. During this time, you can ask any questions that you may have about any area of your communication in your workplace.

Why Communication Fails eBook

'Why Communication Fails' eBook (Premium Option Only)

Why Communication Fails ~ And what you can do about it addresses the three main areas of communication that we struggle with in our working days. It provides practical tips and techniques to help you with your presentation skills, email writing and interpersonal communication with clients and colleagues.

The eBook is divided into three parts: 

  • Part 1 (Driving to nowhere) looks at the importance of preparation from your audience's perspective.
  • Part 2 (The 'huh' factor) addresses the use of confusing words and too much information.
  • Part 3 (Beware the shiny objects) focuses on the distractions in the workplace, how they affect your ability to communicate effectively and what you can do to improve your communication with others.

A summary is provided at the end of each section of the eBook to consolidate the areas covered.

Note: The eBook is only available in PDF form.

Client feedback…

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the coaching delivered?

The coaching is delivered via online sessions with each session tailored to your specific requirements.

Who conducts the coaching sessions?

The coaching sessions are delivered by me (Maria Pantalone). I am there every step of the way to answer questions, provide support and feedback.

How is the program structured?

  1. You let me know your requirements.
  2. You decide whether you would like the Regular or Premium option and make your purchase.
  3. We meet online for a 20-minute preparation and clarification session.
  4. The program is developed and tailored to your needs.
  5. The coaching sessions begin.

How many sessions are included?

We begin with a complimentary 20-minute preparation session to discuss your objectives and prioritise what can be achieved in the time we have together. The program consists of 6 one-hour sessions at a time that suits your schedule. Each coaching session is 1 hour in length to minimise the time away from your work and to maximise the amount of material that can be covered, hence benefitting you and your learning.

What if I want to focus on one specific area that I know needs improving?

We will discuss your requirements and ensure the program meets your needs. Each session is tailored to your needs so that you receive the maximum benefit and are able to immediately apply the skills to your workplace.

Do I get support?

You will receive:

  • Feedback and suggestions for improvement on the area(s) that we're working on during the sessions.
  • Support between the sessions via email, meaning you can email me any questions that may arise between our sessions.
  • Weekly tips for 3 months to help you improve your communication skills.
  • Email support for 4 weeks following the final session (Premium Option).

    What if I only want a few one-off sessions to brush up on my skills?

    If you'd prefer not to take advantage of this package and would like one-off sessions, let me know your requirements so that we can discuss what would work best for you. If you know exactly what you want, you can book your sessions here.


      Guarantee  What if you find after the first session, this training isn't right for you?

         I understand that coaching doesn't suit everyone. If after the first session you decide that it's not for you,
         then I'll refund the remainder of the sessions. And the bonuses will still be available for you to use.

      What's unique about these coaching sessions

      • Each session is tailored to your specific requirements. That's why one of the first things that happens is that you let me know your requirements so that I can develop the program to meet your needs.
      • You don't have to focus only on one area of communication. You can but it's not compulsory. For example, you may want to spend two sessions focusing on your presentation skills, three on your writing and one on your listening skills.
      • If you find that part way through your program, you need to focus on another area, then the program can be modified to suit your new requirements.
      • The sessions are delivered at a time that works in with your busy schedule.

      Your Requirements

      Complete the form below so that the sessions can be tailored to address your requirements for the training.



      Your Investment

      You can choose between the Regular and Premium options for this training.

      Enhance Your Communication
      Your requirements reviewed
      Development of a package specifically for your needs
      Delivery of each session to fit in with your busy schedule
      Techniques to connect with your audience whether in person, virtually or in writing
      Feedback and support provided between sessions
      20-minute preparation session (worth $77)
      Weekly tips for 3 months
      4 weeks of email support following the final session (worth $790)
      Yes Yes
      eBook: Why Communication Fails (worth $21.99)
      Yes Yes
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      * All amounts are in Australian dollars (AUD). If you are located outside of Australia, the GST (10% tax) amount will be removed when you enter your country during the checkout process. You can use this currency converter to work out your investment for the program.

      Have questions?

      If you have any questions that haven't been answered, please contact me and let me know how I can help.