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Customer Service – Role Models

Do you ever take public transport to work?

For me, it depends upon where my client is located. Whenever I take a train to a client's workplace I always know when a particular ticket seller is on duty at my local railway station. The queue for his window is always longer than the ones for the other ticket sellers and the automated ticket machines.

I too  prefer being served by him and would happily wait in the queue – unless of course I am running late for a train and need to find the shortest queue possible.

The reason this particular ticket seller has been so popular is because he has always given excellent customer service – no matter the time of day.

Who would have thought that buying a train ticket could be such an enjoyable experience? This gentleman would greet you on your arrival at his window, efficiently serve you and always wished you a good day. What a great way to start the working day!

It is obvious that he is the most popular ticket seller – the queues for his service said it all. He has served as a role model for his colleagues and his customers.

Other ticket sellers also began to greet people at the window. In turn, the customers in the queues became more patient and friendly. The whole task of buying and selling of tickets became a much more pleasant experience.

My favourite ticket seller – as he has become known to me – retired the other day. As each person parted from his window, instead of saying 'Have a nice day', he wished them well for the future.

This man touched many people over the years and has been a superb role model to others.

Thank you Mr Ticket Seller for your superb example of focusing on the everyday niceties to enrich the lives of others. You have been a great role model for your colleagues and customers alike.


Maria Pantalone

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams to make communication their strength so that their message is heard. Her programs help her clients to excel in their role and be recognised as leaders in their field.
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