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Results-Driven Business Writing Skills for Teams

Results-Driven Business Writing Skills for Teams

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Do you have team members who struggle with writing clear and concise emails or documents?

This struggle – whether they realise it or not – causes frustration due to constant requests for clarification from their readers. The confusion experienced by the reader in turn impacts productivity within the company.

If poor communication has an effect within your organisation, what impression is it giving to clients or potential clients?

Ideally, your team members are handling your clients with 'care', providing high quality information. Yet, when the grammatical errors and jargon creep in, it's not a good look for the professionalism of your organisation.

That's where you, as the manager, may need to step in.

You may need to proof read documents and emails before they go out. This increases your workload and has an effect on your own productivity levels. But you need to do this to minimise the potential damage to the company's reputation from poor communication.

If you want your team to become a highly productive one, then they need to be able to clearly and concisely express themselves when they write a document or email, whether internally or to a client.

Presenting: Results-Driven Business Writing Skills for Teams

There are times when it can take ages for a team member to put together a quality document or email. How do you speed up the process without having to constantly review and edit the document or email, putting your own work on hold?

This is where the Results-Driven Business Writing Skills for Teams course provides a structure for each part of the writing process, enabling your team members to be able to produce better quality documents and emails in less time.

The course is delivered in three stages.

Course components

Stage 1: Establish the Fundamental Elements of the Writing Process

Establish elements

Stage 1 has two parts:

  • Self-assessment by the participants to review their own writing skills
  • Group session #1 to establish the fundamental elements of the writing process.
Part 1 – Self-assessment

Leadership traitsStage 1 starts with the participants completing a self-assessment of their writing skills.

The self-assessment is completed online and takes approximately five minutes to complete. The questions are designed to help participants think about the different aspects of the writing process, whether or not they use them and if they do, how consistent they are in doing so.

Most people don't realise what they're doing or not doing when it comes to writing. The self-assessment is designed as a good starting point to get participants focusing on how they could improve their skills. They often experience some 'light bulb moments' by completing this self-assessment.

Part 2 – Group session #1

The first online session has up to eight team members. It is highly interactive so your team members don't just sit and listen. They participate.

The session covers:

  • Defining the purpose and outcomes of a business document/email
    This enables participants to become clear as to the 'why' and 'what' of writing their documents/emails.
  • Identifying the audience of the document/email
    This helps the participants focus their writing to the needs of their readers.
  • Using an appropriate tone and language for the identified audience
    Presenting themselves in a professional manner reflects well on themselves and your organisation.
  • Applying a structured approach to reviewing a business document/email
    Participants are able to improve their writing before sending the document/email to their readers and minimising the need to be checked by their managers.

With these building blocks, participants are ready to start applying the techniques covered to their own documents and emails.



As a result of these online sessions I have a greater understanding of business writing, specifically, I now have tools that I can use in my own writing.

Not only that, I enjoyed listening to writing tips and finding out how others write their documents.

If you want to develop your business writing, then I highly recommend these online sessions.

Thank you, Maria, for your great sessions.

– Isam Al-Handola (course participant)


Stage 2: Instant Application to Workplace Documents and Emails

Instant Application

Stage 2 has two parts:

  • Application to workplace documents and emails
  • Group session #2 (x2) with half the participants in each session
Part 1 – Application to workplace documents and emails

It's easy to walk away from a session and then get caught up with work tasks. To help apply and embed the skills covered, participants are required to send two of their reviewed and updated documents to the facilitator (me) for review.

This happens because:

  1. A deadline motivates people to complete tasks.
  2. It makes participants apply the techniques covered to their own work and minimises the chances of them falling back into their old habits.
  3. The next group session is tailored to individual needs and expert feedback is given on their writing.
Part 2 – Group session #2

In the next session, the participants are divided into two smaller groups with up to four participants per session.

Because each participant has sent two reviewed documents, the sessions are tailored to the participants' needs. They also receive individual feedback on their writing.

The participants learn how to self-critique their writing so that there is less time required by team leaders and trusted peers to check their work. In addition, they learn how to provide constructive feedback to others so that they can work together as a team and be more productive in their roles.



My main obstacle in investing my time in this course was a concern that the online sessions would be just a webinar-style delivery. I found the sessions very engaging and practical. I now think about the things I have learnt and have more practical tools to think back to when writing emails.

I especially liked the second session with fewer participants. I enjoyed sharing examples and getting feedback then and there. It was good that everyone had the chance to speak and engage and make changes to their work.

The ability to share ideas with colleagues was of great benefit. I also gained an awareness of how readers can interpret things differently to how the writer means for it to come across.

This course has given me practical tools to use in my writing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their writing.

– Jemma James (course participant)


Stage 3: Integrate Skills

Integrate Skills

Stage 3 has two parts:

  • Application to workplace documents and emails
  • Group session #3 (x2) with half the participants in each session
Part 1 – Application to workplace documents and emails

When the participants leave the second small group session, they're required to review two more documents/emails and send the reviewed and updated documents to the facilitator (me) for review. This helps to embed strong writing habits.

Part 2 – Group session #3

When the participants attend the third online session, they work with different team members. The size of the groups are as per session 2, smaller groups with up to four participants per session.

The sessions are tailored to the participants' needs and they receive individual feedback on their writing.

The participants continue to practise the self-critique of their writing and provide constructive feedback to other team members.



At certain times during the year, it's always very busy in my industry. That was my main concern with participating in this course. What I especially liked was that the course wasn't too time consuming, In fact, it felt short and concise.

After the sessions, I'm now concentrating on reviewing my documents more and finding better ways to simplify them.

By participating in these sessions, I liked being able to share my documents with the group and with people who I don't usually work with within the organisation. I found the sharing of information very beneficial.

– Laura Schuetz (course participant)


To Summarise…

Participants attend an initial session as a whole group. Foundational skills are covered that they then apply to their own documents and emails.

So that it's not a one-off experience, they then attend two smaller group sessions that are tailored to their needs. In these smaller group sessions, the participants receive individual feedback on their writing and practise analysing their own writing as well as providing constructive feedback to their colleagues.


What this course is NOT

This course is not a quick fix.

It provides a structure for your team members that they can apply to their own documents and emails. In turn, they are able to become more productive in their roles.


What's unique about this course

The biggest reason why poor writing skills aren't addressed is the lack of time available.

This course has been structured in such a way so as to allow maximum learning for participants in the shortest time possible.

The course provides bite-sized learning with immediate application to workplace documents and emails.

Participants walk away with tools and techniques that they can immediately apply to their own documents and emails.

The smaller group sizes allow for expert feedback for each participant. The practical skills covered address their individual writing needs. They also learn how to self-critique their writing and provide constructive feedback to their peers. Participants learn how to apply a structure to their writing which ultimately helps them to save time and become more productive in their role.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Course

How many sessions do my team members need to attend?

Each participant invests three hours of their time for the online sessions. The time between sessions is spent applying the skills immediately to their documents and emails.

How is the course conducted? 

Each component of the course is conducted online so your team members don't lose precious time having to travel. They can attend from the comfort of their desk.

Who conducts the course?

The whole course is delivered by me (Maria Pantalone). I am there every step of the way to answer questions, provide support and guide participants.

Do my team members get support?

Each participant receives:

  • Individual feedback on the documents submitted following the group sessions.
  • Weekly tips for 3 months to help them improve their writing skills.
  • Email support for 6 weeks following the final session (Premium Option).
How will my team members and my organisation benefit from this course?
  • Team members develop the confidence to construct a document or email that will have a greater chance of being read and acted upon.
  • Team members take ownership of their writing, the review of their documents and emails, minimising the need for their managers to edit their work for them.
  • Team members are able to review their own writing in a constructive manner.
  • Team members are able to assist peers with their writing by providing constructive feedback.
  • Team members become more confident and productive in their role and overall teamwork is improved.
  • Improved writing skills by team members reflects well on the organisation as they're able to write to clients in a professional manner.

Special Bonus #1 – Weekly tips for 3 months


Weekly tipsA refresher always helps participants to continue practising good writing habits.

Although it's good practise to review their notes from the course, participants rarely find the time to do so.

The short weekly tips help to remind them of good writing habits and how they can implement each tip immediately.




Special Bonus #2 (Premium Option) – 6 weeks of email support


Email SupportQuestions often arise after a training session when participants are working on applying the skills on a daily basis. Knowing they have support to check their understanding to apply the skills well can mean the difference between making progress and becoming more productive to falling back into bad habits or asking their manager for help.

The Premium Option Special Bonus provides 6 weeks of email support following the final session of the course for all participants. During this time, they can ask any questions they may have about their daily writing tasks.




Results-Driven Business Writing Skills for Teams Regular Premium
Five hours of online sessions with each participant
completing three of the five hours (worth $1,850).
Yes Yes
Individual feedback on participants' documents
following each of the group sessions (worth $3,520).
Yes Yes
Weekly tips for 3 months to help team members
improve their writing skills.
Yes Yes
Email support for 6 weeks for all participants (worth $990). Yes Yes
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If you have any questions that haven't been answered, please contact me and let me know how I can help.