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Business Writing Online Coaching for Teams

Business Writing Online Coaching for Teams

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Did you know that more than 30% of email communication is spent clarifying previous emails?
Are some of your team members contributing to this drop in productivity?

If you have team members who struggle with writing clear and concise emails or reports, how is that affecting internal communication? What impression is it giving to clients or potential clients and what is it saying about the professionalism of your organisation?

Or what about the promising staff of your organisation – would they benefit by some help with their writing? What additional value could they be giving your organisation by developing clear writing skills?

Infinite Growth provides online one-on-one coaching programs tailored specifically to your team members' needs. The sessions are delivered at a time to fit in with each person's busy schedule. After each session, your team member will be able to immediately apply the skills covered to their workplace documents (ie, emails, reports, etc).

The package of sessions can be used by one team member or divided between a number of team members.

Team Why improve your team's writing skills?

It will... Which means...
Be tailored to each team member's writing needs Focusing only on the areas requiring attention
Improve their communication skills Increased productivity
Provide immediate feedback Immediate application to workplace documents
Be flexible to their schedule No disruption or loss of productivity
Assist them to learn by doing Better retention of skills and immediate application to the workplace
Assist in structuring their business documents for maximum effectiveness Improved communication with clients and colleagues

What is included in the package?

  • Discovery session for the team member prior to the first coaching session to discuss objectives for their program.
  • A tailored program for each person undertaking the coaching sessions – focusing on their writing needs.
  • Six one-hour coaching sessions delivered online at a time that suits each team member's schedule.
  • Each coaching session is recorded. The recording can be used as a refresher following the session. We value our clients' privacy and no session is shared with anyone except the coaching client.
  • The online platform allows sharing of screens and the use of whiteboards.
  • Availability of the coach to answer questions between sessions.
  • Weekly tips to help your team member with their business communication skills in the workplace.

 What is the format of each session?

Each session is one-hour in length and is delivered online. The coaching sessions are tailored to each person's writing needs.

The sessions can be delivered before work, during work hours or after hours… whenever it best suits your team member.

Your team member will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Samples of their work to go through during the session

They will be given processes and exercises to work through during each session and then apply those skills to their own workplace documents.

 What is your investment?

Inclusion Your investment
Discovery session Included
Six 1-hour online coaching sessions Included
Tailoring of sessions Included
Consultation between sessions Included
Total AU$1,250.00 (includes GST)

 Have questions?

Contact us and a team member will happily answer your questions.

Do you want to enhance your team's business writing skills?

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