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Business Writing Made Easy

Business Writing Made Easy

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Business Writing Made Easy from Maria Pantalone on Vimeo.


Do you ever feel frustrated by the number of requests you receive to
clarify what you'd written earlier?

Did you know…?

At least 30% of emails have been found to be requests to clarify previous communications.

There is no doubt that communication challenges can be a drain on a person.

That means you may be losing more than 30% of your productivity by going back and forth trying to clarify your original email.
And, to be honest, haven't we all been frustrated by the endless back and forth of a seemingly simple email? We'd like to think it's always the other person who is not understanding our intent but maybe we should be thinking, 'Why is this happening?'

The ability to express ourselves clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business.
Effective business writing has the ability to inform, persuade and influence.

With this knowledge alone, an employee who can write with clarity is considered to be an asset to a company and is more likely to progress in their career, compared to one who struggles with their writing.

What you need is an easy way to make this happen.

Introducing… Business Writing Made Easy.

This self-study course is structured with short learning bites which provide an easy way to learn writing skills that result in clear and effective communication.

You can see the structure of the course below and experience a sample module.

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