Business Writing Made Easy

Business Writing Made Easy

Maria Pantalone

Did you know that more than 30% of written communications
are clarification requests for previous communications?

There is no doubt challenges in communication are a drain on businesses. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the cost to businesses of poor writing is approximately AU$14.75 billion each year and US studies quote the cost to American businesses at nearly US$400 billion each year.

That means you or your business may be losing more than 30% of efficiency in unnecessary communications. And, to be honest, haven’t we all been frustrated by the endless back and forth of a seemingly simple email? We’d like to think it’s always the other person who is not understanding our intent but maybe we should be thinking, ‘Why is this happening?’

The ability to express ourselves clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business. Effective business writing has the ability to inform, persuade and influence.

With this knowledge alone, an employee who can write with clarity is considered to be an asset to a company and is more likely to progress in their career, compared to one who struggles with their writing. And for the business owner, having staff who write efficiently and effectively will automatically increase the bottom line.

What you need is an easy way to make this happen. Introducing… Business Writing Made Easy Online Program.

This program is a quick and easy way to learn writing skills that result in clear and effective communication.

Imagine the possibilities of where you could go in your career just by improving your writing skills. Or how much better you’d feel just by not having to deal with so many emails coming back to you, asking for further clarification. Or how much profit could be generated in that freed up 30%!

I know time is at a premium these days so I’ve designed this program so that it can be completed at your own pace. So in as little as 3 days from now you could be 30% more productive! Imagine how much more you could get done that might even equate at hitting major deadlines with ease.

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  Who is this program for?

This program will be for you or for your staff if:

  • You spend way too much time writing emails and then end up having to respond anyway to clarify what you actually meant
  • You are concerned that people are confused reading documents you or your organisation produce
  • You are finding that people are not reading your documents and it is impacting on the effectiveness of you and your organisation
  • There is an overwhelming amount of information that is needed to sift through to write documents and there is never enough time to write them properly
  • You are concerned that writing skills may be reducing either your own professionalism or the professionalism of your business

If you know this program is for you, click here to enrol.

  What can this program do for you?

  1. You’ll save time when writing your emails, reports and other documents, get more done in less time as you’ll understand how to structure your documents and email. And, importantly, you will see how much clearer your documents are and know that your reader will be more likely to read and take action.
  2. Everything you learn will be applied immediately to your own documents so you won’t have to think about where to apply what you learn.
  3. Included is full online support so you can have your questions answered immediately so there can be no confusion as to how to approach the next task.
  4. You’ll be given planning, writing, editing and email checklists that you can use as prompts when writing to continue to develop clear communication in all of your correspondence.
  5. You will also receive ongoing weekly business writing tips and prompts to help you continue to apply what you’ve learnt to your own documents.
  6. Your writing will become more competent which means that you will feel more confident, look more professional, be visibly able to manage higher duties and simply become a much more valuable staff member. Those feelings of overwhelm will become a distant memory.

All, in as little as 3 days and for only AU$397! (includes GST)

  What will be covered?

The program is packed full of information.

We begin with an introduction to effective business writing. You also complete a self-assessment so that you can focus on the areas that you want to develop.
Next, we delve into the steps involved in planning a document and you'll be able to immediately apply these steps to your business documents.
The writing stage is where you bring together all of your planning and apply it to the writing of your document. You'll also cover the different aspects of language and the importance of layouts of documents.
The editing stage provides you with a three-step process to effectively edit your documents.
Finally, we'll look at the areas specific to writing emails in the workplace and you'll be given ten tips to help you write more effective emails.

During each module, you apply the areas covered to your own business document.

You will have 12 months access to this program and if you have any questions at any point in time, there is online support to help you. This means that a real person will answer your questions.

  Bonus Inclusions

  • You can check out a sample of the course by viewing the Introduction and Overview module below.
  • Planning, writing, editing and email checklists
  • Action plans
  • Quizzes to check your understanding
  • Online support
  • Ongoing support with weekly business writing tips
  • Certificate of completion

Program investment  Your Investment

Inclusion Your investment
Business Writing Made Easy Program Included
Checklists, action plans, etc. Included
Online support Included
Total AU$397.00

Do you want to excel with your business writing? Enrol today.

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