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Confusing Words ~ Additions

In the Confusing Words article, I provided a list of commonly mis-used words and an example of how to use them.

The feedback from that article was great with readers providing their own words to add to the list.

Here is a selection of words submitted by my readers.

Confusing WordExample
WaveThe heat wave lasted for days.
WaiveAs Katherine was a valued customer, the bank manager decided to waive the extra charge.
ComplementA good wine is a complement to a good meal.
ComplimentTo compliment the chef on the meal.
ImplicationHis implication of immediate changes surprised us.
InferenceIt was a reasonable inference that the burner was on since the pot of water was boiling.
GrateThe noise began to grate on her nerves.
GreatHave a great day.
SightThe sight of her son receiving his award brought tears of joy to her eyes.
SiteTo enter the work site Jackie needed to undergo occupational health and safety training.
CourseThe language course catered for beginners.
CoarseSandpaper is coarse.
AllowedAs it was Tom's birthday he was allowed to stay up for an extra hour.
AloudTo read aloud.
FleeThe waves became so rough that they had to flee the surf.
FleaShe was bitten by a flea.

Special thanks go to Paul Mitchell, Grace Lombardo, Irene Aylward and Isabella (Bella) Wilson for their contributions!

Do you have any words to add to this list? If so, share them with us below.


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