Testimonials and client satisfaction


After suffering a stroke rendering him unable to speak, hear how we worked with the former psychologist and musician to help get his voice back.

Hear from satisfied participants in the Public Speaking Course knowing that before the course, they had rarely spoken in public let alone on camera!

Hear how Jim found the Public Speaking course and what he is now able to do confidently.

‘I recently attended a presentation held by Maria Pantalone on ‘What makes an effective leader?’ I have to say it was a very engaging presentation which kept us all involved and able to relate to the different personalities in a workplace or social context. Maria showed us how to relate/respond to these personalities. Very highly recommended – whether for a corporate presentation, training or networking held by a professional group.”

Lyn Boulos, Finance Executive at E.G.O. Group Pty Ltd


‘Maria conducted a very engaging and enjoyable workshop. She took a ‘dry subject’ and made it fun. She covered a lot of material, however, it always felt well-paced and easy to relate to. Maria was personable, articulate and very professional.’

Esther Gergely, CABEL Partners

‘I engaged Maria in the capacity as emcee at a major event. She fulfilled the important task to a high professional standard effectively connecting the audience and the keynote speaker, ensuring a successful event. I recommend Maria as your next emcee, you will be very pleased with the outcome.’

Peter Dunphy

‘I would recommend Maria for anyone looking to communicate more effectively with their clients and staff. During my sessions with Maria I could see results immediately, through all aspects of communication with my clients, and has already lead to several successful engagements.

Maria’s training style allowed me to set the course for my training which allowed us to discover what areas required the most attention, then discuss how to apply this in past, present and future examples of client engagements. The training has allowed me to plan effectively for client meetings and also tailor my communication based on the personality of my clients by understanding key phrases and traits.

This training is a must for anyone who is communicating with clients on a regular basis.’

David Rosenthal, Cabel Partners

Some of our satisfied clients

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