Cards for WIRES

Cards for WIRES

I live in the Lower Blue Mountains in New South Wales. For several years we have been providing water for the birds that visit our garden. This is has always been a source of joy and has enabled me to develop my passion for photography. With the current drought and bushfire situation it has become vitally important.

While we are not in immediate danger, fires to our North, South and West have burnt hundreds of thousands of hectares, destroying the habitat and food sources of our native wildlife. The frequent heavy smoke also makes things tough. We are now seeing new visitors to our birdbaths, including birds rarely seen in our area.

On Saturday, 6 January, our thermometer reached 49° Celsius – the hottest day we have ever experienced. I spent part of the day photographing the birds who visited that day. I saw up to four species sharing a birdbath, something that just would not usually happen, a sure sign of desperation.

I have chosen seven of my best photos from that day and for the month of January I am using them to raise funds for WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service), Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation.

Cards are available for $5 each, with $3 from every card sold going to WIRES. I am making no profit from this, I am just trying to cover some of my costs. Postage is free*.

Every small amount helps and will go towards helping injured animals and providing food for those survivors in the bush.

Thank you.

Merryl Watkins

* For sales made in Australia

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Each card is $5 and for sales made in Australia, postage is free.

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Please Note: Infinite Growth makes no commission from the sale of cards. We are proud to support fundraising efforts for the wildlife impacted by the Australian bushfires.


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