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Business Writing Made Easy Self-Study Course

Do you ever feel frustrated by the number of requests you receive to clarify what you'd written earlier?

Did you know…?

At least 30% of emails have been found to be requests to clarify previous communications.

There is no doubt that communication challenges can be a drain on a person.

That means you may be losing more than 30% of your productivity by going back and forth trying to clarify your original email.
And, to be honest, haven't we all been frustrated by the endless back and forth of a seemingly simple email? We'd like to think it's always the other person who is not understanding our intent but maybe we should be thinking, 'Why is this happening?'

The ability to express ourselves clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business.
Effective business writing has the ability to inform, persuade and influence.

With this knowledge alone, an employee who can write with clarity is considered to be an asset to a company and is more likely to progress in their career, compared to one who struggles with their writing.

What you need is an easy way to make this happen.

Introducing: Business Writing Made Easy Self-Study Course

This self-study course is structured with short learning bites which provide an easy way to learn writing skills that result in clear and effective communication.

Imagine the possibilities of where you could go in your career just by improving your writing skills.

Or how much better you'd feel by not having to deal with so many emails coming back to you, asking for further clarification. Or how much more productive you'd be in that freed up 30%!

How can this self-study course help you?

Time-saving techniques

Most people struggle with the amount of time they have to write their business documents. Writing is a process, even when writing emails. This course steps you through the process to help make the writing of documents and emails manageable tasks.

You will save time when writing your emails, reports and other documents. In turn, you will get more done in less time as you will understand how to structure your documents and emails. And, importantly, you will see how much clearer your documents and emails are and know that your reader will be more likely to read them and take action.

Structured learning

The self-study course is divided into modules. Each module provides information on what you will learn, the resources for that module, guidance on what you need to do to successfully complete the topics within the module. Sometimes when you invest in a self-study course it can feel like there is a lot of information to absorb and no clear direction.

The structured learning of this self-study course provides you with a pathway to follow with clear signposts every step of the way.

Practical activities

Activities are included in each of the modules. These activities help you to practise the skills before going to the next step of applying the skills to your documents. They form part of the stepping stones to build and solidify your writing skills.

People are often in a rush to jump from the 'theory' to application to their own documents and that's when mistakes are made. The graded activities enable you to practise the skills immediately and check your answers so that you can minimise the chance of making the same mistakes with your documents and emails.

Immediate application

Everything you learn will be applied immediately to your own documents so you won't have to think about where to apply what you learn. It's common to do a course and then have to work out how to apply those skills to your particular situation. In this course, your work document or email will be used at every stage of the course so that you can understand how each part of the writing process applies to your writing requirements.

Online support

The convenience of a self-study course is that you can complete it at your own pace and in your own time. But what about when you have questions? This self-study course provides online support where you can ask your questions and have them answered by a real person – an experienced business writer – and not artificial intelligence (AI) that provides possible answers to frequently asked questions. You'll know that you'll receive a timely answer to your question which will help you in developing your business writing skills.


At the end of each stage of the writing process, checklists are provided so that you have a quick reference guide as you apply the skills to your own documents. Even though you'll be working on a document or email that you need for your role during the self-study course, it can be easy to overlook some key steps as there is a lot to remember. The checklists help to keep you on track with your writing.

Self-assessment of skills

If you're investing in improving your writing skills then you know that you could be writing your documents and emails better. But do you know the exact areas where there are gaps in your skill level? The self-assessment helps you to identify those areas that you need to focus on.

What will be covered?

The course is packed full of information.

Number 1We begin with an introduction to effective business writing. You also complete a self-assessment so that you can focus on the areas that you want to develop.
Number 2Next, we delve into the steps involved in planning a document and you will be able to immediately apply these steps to your business documents.
Number 3The writing stage is where you bring together all of your planning and apply it to the writing of your document. You will also cover the different aspects of language and the importance of layouts of documents.
Number 4The editing stage provides you with a three-step process to effectively edit your documents.
Number 5Finally, we look at the areas specific to writing emails in the workplace and you will be given tips to help you write more effective emails.

During each module, you apply the areas covered to your own business document.

What can you expect?

Here is a list of what to expect:

  • Bite-sized learning so that you can build your skills gradually and embed them before going on to the next stage of the writing process. This reduces the feelings of overwhelm and increases confidence levels.
  • Quizzes to check your understanding of the skills covered. Answers are provided once you complete each quiz allowing you to identify areas that you may need to revisit.
  • Techniques to help you save time when writing.
  • Planning tools to clearly understand the 'why', 'who' and 'what' of writing your document or email.
  • Writing strategies to help you present your document or email in a professional manner.
  • How to use layout features effectively.
  • How and when to include the active voice in your writing to bring clarity to your message.
  • If and when you should use the passive voice in your writing.
  • How to use tone and language skilfully.
  • A three-step process to reviewing and editing a document quickly.
  • Techniques to write emails effectively.
  • Activities to help you practise the skills before applying them to your documents and emails.
  • Support every step of the way by being able to ask questions and have them answered by a real person.
  • Practical application by using your own document through each stage of the writing process. You're able to see how your document or email will improve by applying each stage of the writing process.
  • Self-assessment both at the beginning and end of the course allows you to identify gaps initially and determine the progress made at the end.
  • Checklists to help you to stay on track with all of your documents and emails.
  • A structure that allows you to know your progress in the course and how each component builds upon the previous one.
  • Additional resources to help you with your writing requirements.
  • Flexibility of learning. As you can work through the course at your own pace, you're able to re-visit any of the modules multiple times if that is what you need to do to master those skills.
  • Action plans. It's easy to forget the key points that you want to implement from a module. The action plans help you to retain the information and take action.
  • Weekly business writing tips to help you continue to apply what you have learnt to your own documents.

Who is this self-study course for?

This course will be for you if:

  • You spend too much time writing emails and then end up having to respond anyway to clarify what you actually meant.
  • You are concerned that people are confused reading documents you produce.
  • You are finding that people are not reading your documents and it is impacting on your effectiveness.
  • You have an overwhelming amount of information that is needed to sift through to write your documents.
  • You never enough time to write your documents (and emails) properly.
  • You are concerned that writing skills may be reducing others' perceptions of your professionalism.


Who is this self-study course not for?

This course isn't for you if:

  • You are not willing to spend time investing in improving your writing skills. It is NOT a quick fix course. Anything of value takes time and effort and we're here to support you every step of the way.
  • You don't apply what is covered to your own writing. The course is designed to help you build your writing skills. In each of the modules you're required to apply the skills to your own business documents.
  • You're not willing to set aside time on a regular basis to work on your writing skills. The course has been structured so that you build on each set of skills covered. If you leave large gaps between each module you won't gain the benefits of learning and practising on a regular basis.

Special Bonuses

Email Support

Online support for 3 months

You will have 3 months of online support, which you can access through the program. This means that a real person will answer your questions.


Planning, writing, editing and email checklists

The checklists provide a valuable quick reference guide that can help you progress through each stage of the writing process, prompting you with key points you need to remember.

Weekly tips

Weekly tips for 3 months

Although it's good practise to review your notes from the course, it may be difficult during a busy work day. The short weekly tips help to remind you of good writing habits and you can implement each tip immediately.

Review of work

Two critiques of your writing (Premium option only)

After applying all of the skills from the course to your writing, you have the opportunity to have two critiques* done by an experienced business writer. You will receive confidential feedback on your strengths and suggestions for improvement that you can apply to your other documents and emails. This bonus is available for 3 months from the date of purchase of the self-study course.

* Each piece of writing up to1500 words.

Client feedback…

What's unique about this self-study course

  • The course is structured so that as you learn a new skill, you're able to apply it immediately to your work documents and emails.
  • Even though it is a self-study course, you're able to ask questions about any part of a module through the online portal. You will get a timely response from an experienced business writer and you can ask as many questions as you need to fully understand how to apply that skill to your writing.
  • The course caters to different learning styles enabling you to learn not only at your own pace but also using your preferred learning medium.



What if the product isn't good for you? This product is guaranteed for a whole month.

If for any reason (and you don't have to give a reason) you don't like the product, you can ask for a full refund.
We'll refund your money with a smile.


Your Investment

You can choose between the Regular and Premium options for this self-paced course.

Business Writing Made Easy Course
Assessment of writing skills
Planning process
Writing process
Editing process
Writing effective emails in the workplace
Practical exercises to immediately apply your skills to your own writing
Quizzes to check your understanding
Action plans to help you retain information and take action
Online support for 3 months
Planning, writing, editing and email checklists (worth $150)
Weekly tips for 3 months
PLUS (worth $790)
Two critiques of your writing* by Maria (valid for 3 months)
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* Each piece of writing up to 1500 words.

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If you have any questions that haven't been answered, please contact me and let me know how I can help.