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Business Solutions

Types of Business Solutions

I provide two types of solutions for your business.

  1. Programs for your team members to help them improve their business communication skills.
  2. Instructional design services where I develop training and reference materials to help your team members become more productive in their roles.

To run a successful business, it's all about clear communication.

Your team members need to be able to clearly communicate with clients and colleagues to be effective in their roles. When the business supports its team, it needs to consider both the individual's needs as well as provide clear procedures and industry-specific information to enable them to excel in their roles.

My services focus on strengthening your team's skills as well as your internal processes, providing you with a solid foundation to highlight your business as a leader in its field.

This page addresses programs for your team members. Click here to find out more about my instructional design services.

Or, if you would like to discuss your business requirements, contact me to have a no-obligation discussion.


Why would you need this service?

With the demands and pressures in business, your team members probably don't even have time to realise what is lacking in their communication skills, let alone find a solution.

My expertise is in solving these issues, so if you are experiencing one or more of the following situations, then I can help you solve this quickly:

  • You are feeling frustrated by the confusion caused by the verbal and/or written communication of your team members to colleagues and clients.
  • You are dealing with managers' concerns with having to check their team members' written correspondence before it goes out.
  • Your team members can't seem to get through their workload even though they spend long hours at the office or logged in remotely.
  • You're concerned that team members are losing confidence in their abilities even though they are highly qualified in their field.
  • Your team members find it difficult to work effectively together.
  • You're not having productive days as the constant need to check the work of team members or be present in client meetings to assist them is taking its toll.

What type of results can you expect from working with me?

Working with me will mean that your team members will have a program that addresses their specific business communication needs. They will be supported every step of the way. As their confidence grows you will find that they will be able to represent the company in a positive way to potential and existing clients.

Working with me will help your team to:

  • Express messages in a polite, clear and concise way, whether in writing or verbally, so that others act.
  • Feel confident that they can approach any communication situation and express themselves well.
  • Step up to new opportunities to progress in their role.
  • Adapt to their clients' and colleagues' communication styles.
  • Understand how to communicate effectively with people that they once found frustrating to work with, allowing them to achieve both team and business goals.
  • Enhance their company's reputation in the marketplace.

Find out more or start now

To find out more about my programs, contact me to discuss your team's business communication goals. Or, you can choose one of the courses below for your team members and they can start immediately. 

You can choose from the selection of programs below or have a tailored solution developed for your team.

Team writing skills

Self-Study Courses for Team Members

The online self-study courses are available 24/7 and includes 3 months of online support.

At each stage of the online self-study courses, your team members learn essential business communication skills, which they immediately apply to their roles.

They can complete the modules at their own pace with full online support every step of the way.

The courses available are:




Results-Driven Business Writing Skills for Teams

This program is delivered as a virtual workshop.

There are times when it can take ages for a team member to put together a quality document or email.

This course provides a structure for each part of the writing process, enabling your team members to be able to produce better quality documents and emails in less time.



Share your Company's Message with Confidence

This program is delivered as a workshop and/or coaching sessions.

The ability to stand in front of clients, peers or team members to deliver key company messages with clarity, confidence and poise is a prized quality.

It shows critical thinking skills, leadership abilities and professionalism. These are qualities that help to show that your business has a professional team focused on delivering high quality solutions.

When you click on Find Out More you can also let me know your team's requirements.


Enhance your Communication in the Workplace

This coaching program is delivered virtually.

Being able to communicate effectively is a key component to working well with others, especially in the hybrid workplace of today.

Whether you're participating in a team meeting, leading a team, presenting to clients or writing to stakeholders, your ability to express yourself in a professional manner helps to build rapport and increase productivity.

Effective communication isn't just about speaking and writing. It's also about listening and hearing what's unsaid. It's about understanding body language. It's about engagement and so much more…

If you have team members who could benefit by enhancing their communication skills, this program is tailored to their specific needs. It can focus on one or multiple areas of communication.

Each team member will have a personalised program developed for them. The investment quoted for the tailored coaching package is per person.

When you click on Find Out More you can also let me know your team member(s) requirements.


If you would prefer a workshop-style format rather than coaching sessions for your team members, contact me to discuss your requirements.


More Information

To find out more about my programs for individuals and teams, contact me to discuss your business communication goals.

Or you can click here to find out more about the clients I work with.