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Benefits of improving your public speaking skills

What are the benefits of improving your public speaking skills?

In a series of interviews that I conducted with participants from one of my Public Speaking Skills courses, I found out why they enrolled in the course and how they will use their new skills.

This interview is with Lynne Boyd.

1. What made you enrol in the Public Speaking Skills course?

I am President of the War Widows City Saturday Club and I often have to randomly give a speech as well as conduct the monthly meetings.

2. What have you gained from the course?

Not to panic quite as much which causes me to go completely blank. I now have much more confidence.

3. How will you use the skills that you've gained from this course?

As I am quite young in comparison to the majority of War Widows, I may be able to contribute my services to the guild in the future without sounding like a bumbling fool.

4. Would you encourage others to do this course?

Yes! I feel I have gained the qualities I need to boost my confidence. A bonus has been the nice people that I have met at the course.

Thank you, Lynne, for sharing your experience.


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