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Are you tuned into your audience?

Are you tuned into your audience

My grandfather tuned into his favourite radio program every week.

As a child, I remember my grandfather listening to a particular radio program at a specific time every Saturday … like clockwork. He was tuned into that program and looked forward to it every week. We kids knew that for that hour our grandfather was otherwise occupied.

On reflection, the program catered to my grandfather's what's in it for me factor. It covered topics that he wanted and needed to hear about during that hour.

The program organisers had tuned into their target audience and delivered an informative and entertaining radio program. They had worked out what their audience wanted.

Preparing for a presentation

A well-prepared presentation given to the wrong audience can have the same effect as a poorly prepared one given to the correct audience. They can both fail dismally.

The more you know and understand about who will be in your audience the better you can prepare your presentation to meet your audience's needs. To do this it is critical that you include some amount of audience analysis.

Audience analysis

Here are five questions to consider when analysing your audience:

  1. Who will be in your audience?
  2. What are their expectations?
  3. What are their needs?
  4. What is their knowledge of the topic that you're presenting on?
  5. Will they expect you to use jargon or industry-specific language?

The key to an effective presentation

Your audience analysis will assist you in deciding on your best approach. The more you know about who will be in your audience the more effective you will be in achieving your objectives for your presentation. Your audience is the key to an effective presentation

Your audience wants you to do well as they want to take away something from your presentation that they can use – a technique that will make their job easier or a new product or service that will benefit their business.

By considering who will be in your audience you will be able to deliver a presentation that will have your listeners tuned in from beginning to end.


Here are three more resources to help you prepare for your next presentation:


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  1. James Birtwistle

    Hi Maria,

    Interesting point made in item 5 – 'do they expect you to know their topic and acronyms used in their industry'?

    In a similar vein, was it Darren LaCroix, in one of his seminars, telling us that he would ask the organisers in the particular town where he was giving a presentation what was the one thing that annoyed the audience at that time – traffic jams/new roadworks etc. and he would include that early on in his presentation to let them know the audience he understood their frustrations and this encouraged them to warm to him and indicated he had done some research (or was it another presenter at another presentation? – I can't remember)

    • Maria Pantalone

      Hi Jim

      I'm not sure if it was Darren LaCroix or another presenter but that's a good tip. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂


  2. James Birtwistle

    Hi Maria,

    Nice touch Maria, and very clever, with the visual appropriately leading in to the subject matter, as it helps the audience remember the story, and hence the point you are making!



    P.S do you still have Grandad's radio?

    • Maria Pantalone

      Thanks Jim, for your feedback.

      Unfortunately, I don't have my grandfather's radio but it did look similar to the one that I used for this article. Hence, the reason this image was used. 🙂

      All the best


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