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Are you overly reliant on using 'spell check'?

I recently received a promotional flyer containing spelling errors. What impression do you think that gave me of the company?

Needless to say it went into the recycle bin.

Modern technology now allows us to use built-in tools in programs such as Microsoft Word to check the spelling of words.

The spelling checker or as it is commonly known, the spell checker or spell check, is a great tool that can assist you in your writing especially if spelling is not your forte. However in this day and age when most of us are pressed for time, some people become overly reliant on using spell check and don't bother reading the document.

Would you find this email acceptable?

Have you ever received an email like this?

Hi Maria

Tanks for the information. I have knot had a change to look at eat yet.

I'll get back too you sewn with hour decision on the matte.



This was checked using spell check … and passed!

What are the benefits of checking your document?

Here are some benefits of checking your document for you and your business:

  • Anything that you send to a client or potential client reflects the professionalism of your business
  • You can review phrases and modify them to sound better
  • You can check if words that you're uncertain about are correctly spelt and then correct any errors
  • Similar sounding words can be corrected.

Beware of becoming overly reliant on the spell check function in programs such as Microsoft Word.

By spending some time reading through the document you are sure to find some minor (or major) changes that will assist you in giving a positive impression of your business.


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