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A simple technique to use when editing your document

When writing and re-writing a document, you can become too close to what you are writing to actually pick up errors.

A simple yet effective tip to use is to read the document out loud. It is important that when you read your document out loud, you do so slowly and exactly as it is written. This will help you to notice if:

  • Commas are needed or not
  • Words or phrases are repeated
  • Sentences become difficult to follow

It will also highlight the structure of your document, allowing you to hear if it flows from key point to the next.

Reading out loud re-focuses your attention and helps you to see your writing in a fresh light because you are not simply reading it but also hearing it.

If your document is easy to read out loud then it will be more accessible and its meaning clearer for your intended audience.

Do you have techniques that help you to edit your documents?


Merryl Watkins

Merryl Watkins is a freelance writer with experience in policy and document writing as part of her work in the education sector. She has been active in community organisations, utilising her skills and providing her expertise in executive roles.
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