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3 ways to build a more productive team

Productivity: The act of getting more out of what you put in.

It sounds simple enough but is it really that straightforward?

Building a productive team can create more business possibilities, opening up bigger and better opportunities. Working with your team in a collaborative and effective manner will help you to achieve business goals more quickly and easily.

Here are three ways that you can work with your team in order to better achieve your business goals.

1. Use clear communication

Clear and effective communication is important for bringing a team together. It helps to minimise misunderstandings and increases clarity when information is delivered.

Use these principles to install confidence amongst your team:

Having a good grasp on written and verbal formats will help you to resolve problems within your team as well as bring together differing opinions. This will help to increase productivity and create a proactive and collaborative team.

2. Set SMARTIE goals

Setting goals for your team that will give you the outcomes you desire requires more than just telling someone what to do. Providing a framework will set you and your team on the path to achieving your goals in a productive and successful manner.

Your goals should be:








By having everyone in your team involved in the goal-setting process will assist in those goals being achieved. Team members take ownership of the goals and with SMARTIE goals, there is an emotional connection – a powerful tool – to achieving them.

3. Invest in education

Learning how to effectively use tools and techniques will not only boost your own skills but also lift the performance of your entire team. There are countless management systems and leadership methods that can be resourced to help you achieve optimum productivity.

Excelling through continued professional development is rewarding. It provides innumerable benefits and delivers both inspiration and new ideas.

Engage an expert to help you refine your skills and those of your team members. Refreshing and extending the knowledge base of yourself and your team members will not only help to boost productivity but also increase the likelihood of success of achieving your goals.

Would you like to become more productive in your role?

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Maria Pantalone

Maria Pantalone works with individuals and teams to make communication their strength so that their message is heard. Her programs help her clients to excel in their role and be recognised as leaders in their field.
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  1. James Birtwistle

    Hi Maria,

    I have just requested copies of your downloads regarding goal setting etc., primarily for our Michael who has just transferred from being a Carpenter working on building sites to a Building Manager managing the Corporate Office park at Rhodes. He is now 'Corporate' working for the International Development/Investment company, Fraser's Property, whose head Office in Australia is at Rhodes.

    Somewhat different to working on a building site in Bathurst. Consequently I thought your 'tips' may be useful to him in negotiating the Corporate world.

    Our grand-daughter Rose is settling in to school, as we gradually teach her to make friends/communicate so different from the 'isolated' world she was used to.

    I have been retired six months now and have been kept busy (Rose has seen to that), but I also have gone back to sailing and crew on a yacht in the harbour on Saturdays.



    • Maria Pantalone

      Hi Jim

      I hope your son finds the free downloads useful. If he'd like to discuss anything with me please let him know that I'd be happy to help.

      It's good to hear that you're enjoying your retirement and the company of your grand-daughter.

      All the best


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