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'The interactive nature of the [Communication and Presentation Skills] workshop kept us engaged'.

Pas Tomasiello, Director - Integrated Systems, Dematic

'I would recommend Maria for anyone looking to communicate more effectively with their clients and staff. During my sessions with Maria I could see results immediately, through all aspects of communication with my clients, and has already lead to several successful engagements.

Maria's training style allowed me to set the course for my training which allowed us to discover what areas required the most attention, then discuss how to apply this in past, present and future examples of client engagements. The training has allowed me to plan effectively for client meetings and also tailor my communication based on the personality of my clients by understanding key phrases and traits.

This training is a must for anyone who is communicating with clients on a regular basis.'

David Rosenthal, Cabel Partners

'I recently attended a presentation held by Maria Pantalone on 'What makes an effective leader?' I have to say it was a very engaging presentation which kept us all involved and able to relate to the different personalities in a workplace or social context. Maria showed us how to relate/respond to these personalities. Very highly recommended - whether for a corporate presentation, training or networking held by a professional group.'

Lyn Boulos, Finance Executive at E.G.O. Group Pty Ltd

'Maria was fantastic. We all enjoyed the session [Leadership in Everyday Situations].

Vanessa Liang, QUT

'Thanks again for your presentation [Leadership in Everyday Situations]. It was thought provoking, particularly the parts about humility and Covey’s circle of influence.'

Stephen McGrory, QUT

'Maria conducted a very engaging and enjoyable workshop. She took a 'dry subject' and made it fun. She covered a lot of material, however, it always felt well-paced and easy to relate to. Maria was personable, articulate and very professional.'

Esther Gergely, CABEL Partners

'I approached Infinite Growth for coaching sessions to further develop my potential as a leader and effectively improve communication with my colleagues and the wider community. Infinite Growth helped me by providing a supportive learning environment that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become a more effective and confident leader in a changing community environment.

My communication skills and performance in the workplace have greatly improved because of the development and use of SMART goals. What was great and unique was the open and transparent process of communication and that every session was tailor-made to suit my individual needs and requirements. I found the experience honest, challenging, focused and most rewarding.

I would recommend Infinite Growth to any person in a leadership role looking to learn and continuously improve their skills.'

Heather Pinto, General Manager, Christian Community Aid

'Exceptional course! I found the course (How to Excel in your Business Writing) to be relevant and very easy to follow. It is comprehensive and provides many useful tools to assist you to write effectively. If you want to improve, be more coherent and articulate in your written communication, whether personal or business writing, then I highly recommend this course.'

Francis Foo

Jim Wu shares his experience of Presentation Skills training with Infinite Growth.

Lynne James shares her experience of Presentation Skills training with Infinite Growth.

Participants in Maria Pantalone's Stage 1 Public Speaking Course at The Parramatta College share their experiences.

The inspirational story of Damian Coen, a Clinical Psychologist and a musician in a blues band who suffered a stroke at age 50. Hear how he worked with Infinite Growth to help get his voice back.

Sharabelle Rizk attended Maria Pantalone’s Stage 1 Public Speaking Course at the Parramatta College. She attended as she wanted to gain more confidence with her speaking skills. Sharabelle shares her thoughts about the course.

Christian Payne sought Maria's services to assist him with writing product descriptions for his company's website. Christian shares his experiences with the coaching process.

Christian Payne, Product Manager

'I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation [5 Steps to Powerfully Persuasive Presentations] and how well connected you were with the audience. I was delighted.'

Betty Alves, CPA Parramatta Discussion Group

'I thoroughly enjoyed the night and the group reacted really positively to your presentation [5 Steps to Powerfully Persuasive Presentations]. The night was a great success.'

John Bligh, CPA Parramatta Discussion Group

'Our thanks to you for providing such a thought-provoking and thoroughly relevant presentation [Leadership in Everyday Situations].'

Colin Stibbs, Sydney CPA Discussion Group

'I really enjoyed your presentation [Leadership in Everyday Situations]. You provided a lot of useful information on traits and qualities of a good leader.'

Fanny Chen, Sydney CPA Discussion Group

The course was a good overview of things which should be always present in our business writing but often isn't due to time constraints, That is, planning beforehand, writing a structured draft and less passive voice where its usage is not warranted. .

Amy Lynne Welsh

'I felt it [Customer Service workshop] was well run, very informative, flowed easily with just the right amount of interaction.'

Attendee at Infinite Growth's Customer Service workshop as part of the Tourism Capacity Building Project hosted by Parramatta City Council

'Maria was good value.'

Attendee at the EA/PA Summit 2012

'Great professional presentation.'

Attendee at the EA/PA Summit 2012

'I engaged Maria in the capacity as emcee at a major event. She fulfilled the important task to a high professional standard effectively connecting the audience and the keynote speaker, ensuring a successful event. I recommend Maria as your next emcee, you will be very pleased with the outcome.'

Peter Dunphy

'Writing Product Descriptions for our website was a task I just didn't enjoy and I knew I wasn't doing well. My plan was to complete an 8-week evening course that would hopefully provide me with the skills necessary to get the job done.

During my research, I came across Maria Pantalone. After a quick 5-minute phone call I knew she understood my problem and more importantly had a way to fix it.

My first session with Maria was a quick self-analysis and here I learnt that I was being too hard on myself. The second learning was that within an hour, Maria worked with me to identify a repeatable process required to write great copy for our website.

I was able to achieve my objectives in a much shorter period of time and Maria came to my business at a time that suited me.'

Christian Payne, Product Manager, eSavvy

'Maria kindly offered her time to write a series of 7 posts over a one-week period for the Business Forum of Experts on the topic of speaking skills. This effort fits her persona of acting as a mentor for people wanting to know more on her topic of expertise. Over 1000 readers have enjoyed her valuable hints and tips.'

Barbara Gabogrecan, Home Based Business Australia

'This [Online Business Writing] program helped me to be more professional in my everyday writing of business material. All aspects of the program were beneficial and I would recommend it to others. Thanks to Maria for all her help.'

Deanna Thomas

'I enjoyed the different types of mediums used [in the Online Business Writing Program] - especially the voice slideshow.'

Alvin Santoso

'I had been working in Australia for two and a half years after relocating from Paris when I began coaching with Maria. My background is as a Chartered Accountant specialising in transactions and takeovers and the reports I write for my clients become public documents, so it is important that they are clear and concise.

I was aware that strong written communication skills would play a major role in my professional development so I decided to engage Maria's services.

Maria took time to understand the specific areas of difficulty I was facing. Based on this, Maria developed a simple and effective strategy to help me improve my written communication skills in English. Maria devised a simple method that allowed me to carefully plan each of my written documents, in order to communicate effectively with the reader.

With Maria's help I have gained confidence in my ability to write in English and have made significant progress.'

Xavier Blerot, Transaction & Corporate Finance Specialist, Lawler Corporate Finance Pty Ltd

'Good outcomes achieved.'

Linda Mumford, The Parramatta College

'I enjoyed the session and found it really valuable. It was facilitated really well.'

Sandra Amore, The Parramatta College

'A very relaxed atmosphere - able to express opinions freely.'

Michael O'Hara, The Parramatta College

'The simple highlighter and paper presentation of the important issues of the session and certainly the pictures embedded with everything.'

Romi Rahman, The Parramatta College

'I have attended similar presentations on the same subject [Presenting with Confidence] in the past but it has never been so relevant now that I've been in Business Analysis. It reinforced a lot of the concepts and the tips you provided will be very useful.'

Kim Tran

'A memorable presentation [Presenting with Confidence] last night - short, to the point and perceptive.'

Jelena Vukotic, CBA

'The specific breakdown of components of [instructional] design and the small group work in this area were most valuable.'

Damien Pfeiffer, Learning & Development Consultant, GrainCorp

'It was our absolute pleasure to meet you last Wednesday and to have you present to our group. Thank you once again for the valuable tips on this most important topic [Communication Skills] which I think everyone found very valuable.'

Convenor, Institute of Public Accountants, Burwood Professional Forum

'On behalf of the team in Lismore I would like to pass on our appreciation for an enjoyable and valuable course. We found it relevant and all took something away from the day (in some instances reinforcement that we were on the right track). Thank you again.'

Christene Payne, A/Manager Northern Regional Service Centre, NSW Businesslink Pty Ltd

'Maria's skills in communication captured her audience in her presentation at the NIA Parramatta Discussion Group. Maria also interacted with her audience and we had the opportunity to create a working group exercise among our members. I feel that the members of our group grasped a good understanding of how to communicate with new clients and also existing employees. I believe this presentation was very helpful for our members.'

Terry Martin, NIA Parramatta Discussion Group

'Maria provided me with a 1-1 coaching session in the lead up to an important presentation I was giving. While I’ve had speaker experience before, I needed assistance and guidance in delivering my presentation while using unfamiliar technology aids.

The benefit of the 1-1 speaker coaching session is that I was able to practice my presentation using Maria’s equipment. Maria watched me deliver the entire presentation and then gave me detailed feedback about my strengths and my areas for improvement. She also gave me valuable advice on the actual structure of my presentation.

Maria delivers her coaching sessions in a warm and supportive environment. I received substantial feedback on the day plus I also received an emailed report containing all her valuable feedback – ideal for later reference. I found Maria’s 1-1 coaching session extremely beneficial, and I’d recommend this service to beginner and established speakers alike.'

Lucinda Lions, Lion Writing

'In the busyness of everyday work together with the pressures and demands of my role, my communication skills were slipping. Maria's gentle coaching style has helped me to develop the framework and set up the parameters for both written and verbal communication, managing time and prioritising. This has helped me to get back on the right track. I'm now able to achieve more with less. I'd highly recommend Infinite Growth as a partner to help you keep up the skills we all know we need but seldom stop to check and improve.'

Marina Hart, Training and Development Manager, ING Australia

'I feel much more confident going into my presentation next week - thanks!'

Sarah Stevens, Amway Consultant

'Great results and good value.'

Paul Mitchell, Senior Project Officer, NSW Businesslink

'I feel that this was the right type of workshop. It's helped us to get onto the same page.'

Gavin Pilz, Learning & Development Manager, GrainCorp

'I really like how you provide structure to things, Maria!'

Lisa Morley, Senior Learning & Development Consultant, GrainCorp

'Good blend of theory and group activities. The whole session was valuable as I haven't attended any like this.'

Annie Hwang, Learning & Development Coordinator, GrainCorp

'Constant opportunities to talk and practise. It's the best way to learn.'

Andrew Walsh, Schneider-Electric

'Excellent course [Public Speaking Skills]. I would recommend it to others.'

Catherine Moriarty, Schneider-Electric

'Thank you for extracting the confidence within me to be able to speak in front of an audience.'

Chris Primmer, Schneider-Electric

'Fantastic day. I feel recharged and ready for my next presentation.'

Sarah Stevens, Business Centre Consultant, Amway

'Well done Maria. There were some very nervous staff at the beginning however you made them feel much better, valued and supported.'

Darrell Johns, HR Manager, Amway

'The group activities were great. A good reinforcer.’

Rod Taylor, Head of Marketing, Amway

'The interactivity was great. Getting participants involved was fantastic.'

Philip Cacciola, Manager, Amway

'The [Business Writing Skills] course is an invaluable and necessary tool to being better equipped to write effectively.'

Mike Tanner, Outotec Pty Ltd

'Fantastic facilitator that kept everyone engaged and participating enthusiastically!'

Frankie Taylor, Outotec Pty Ltd

'I found the course to be beneficial, interesting and exciting.'

Frank Soriano, Outotec Pty Ltd

'I have recently completed a Cert IV Training and Assessment and delivered some training as part of my role as business analyst for a medical indemnity insurer. As I was changing jobs I approached Maria to assist with some aspects of my training style that I was not comfortable with.

We scoped out a program that fit my needs and budget and I found Maria's input at all points to be professional and well targeted to my stage of development as a presenter. She helped me to raise my skill level in a couple of important areas. She coached me in body language and pointed out the unnecessary and distracting habits that I (and everyone) has.

As a result of the sessions with Infinite Growth I could see my confidence and skill level increasing. I was really pleased with my investment in working with her and would recommend her to any potential individual or corporate client.'

Sue McCormack, Energy Works

'Maria’s input was invaluable in assisting me to prepare for a presentation that I gave at an AHRI conference in Queensland in late 2007. I found that the feedback provided helped me to tailor my presentation to my audience of senior HR executives and effectively deal with unexpected situations (of which there were many). Thank you Maria.'

Rebecca Montagu, Leadership Source

'Maria’s feedback on my presentation style and more recently in preparing for an interview have been of great value to me. I found the one-on-one sessions with her to be very constructive. Her ability to help me choose appropriate words and to think about who my target audience is has been invaluable in my preparation for both presenting in front of groups and in answering potential interview questions.'

Geni Tanda, Solicitor

'I enjoyed every aspect. I would recommend this [Presentation Skills] course to everyone.'

Ruben Vezoso, NSW Police

'Maria is a highly skilled facilitator who always delivers more than what is required. I would recommend her without hesitation.'

Robyn Stewart, RTO Operations Manager

'We wanted outcomes from our continuous improvement meetings. Decisions and direction. With Maria’s excellent facilitation skills we got participation, ideas, decisions and direction. In short, we got continuous improvement outcomes. Couldn’t be happier ...'

Terrie Gardner, The Parramatta College

'Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is an important skill from both a personal and business perspective. Maria's valuable expertise and insight has helped develop and improve my own presentation and communication skills. Maria's patient and thoughtful approach provides an environment where you can feel comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone to undergo the necessary learning to grow and develop this valuable asset.’

Damian Noonan, IT Professional

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