Inspiring Change

On 16 June, I had the privilege of attending the Inspiring Change Conference: Creating Opportunities – Pioneering Change. There were over 200 attendees.

Each speaker spoke about their experiences as change agents of their environment. Some had set out to make a change while others found themselves in a situation where they needed to make a change – sometimes for their own safety and the safety of those they loved. Their experiences inspired everyone in attendance.

Here are some key take-aways from the day.


The Conference MC, Irene Ross, began by giving us four words to consider and apply to our lives:

Imagine – Explore – Discover – Create

Melissa Doyle

Australian television presenter, author and journalist

  • Everyone has a way to reach others
  • She has a voice that allows her to tell stories and make a difference
  • We all want to belong to something
  • Melissa’s motto: Control the controllable
  • Find your ‘thing’ and leave your mark

Jennifer Armstrong

Founder of Beauty Bank and NSW Premier’s Award for Woman of the Year 2016

Jennifer is a survivor of domestic violence. Two key points from her presentation were:

  • Find something you are passionate about
  • You can choose to dwell on negative experiences or you can choose to move on

Carmen Garcia

Principal and Founder of Community Corporate

  • The power of purpose – create opportunities from challenges
  • Do the best you can by showing up everyday with your head held high
  • By working hard, you become ‘lucky’

Francesca Saccaro

Associate Director OTEN and Organisational Capability

  • Sometimes the passion finds you rather than you finding it
  • Make your intention to make a difference
  • You never know what you can manage until you have the opportunity to manage it
  • One of her favourite quotes is: Change your thoughts, change your world

The conference did indeed inspire each person to consider ways that as individuals we could make a positive change in society.

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