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Executive Coaching

Infinite Growth provides expert intensive and individualised Business Communication Skills training

Do you find it difficult to make the time to attend a professional development workshop? Would you prefer to have individualised sessions tailored specifically to your requirements and focusing on your business needs?


At Infinite Growth, Maria Pantalone offers executive coaching sessions for the busy professional in the areas of:

Presentation Skills

An effective leader can communicate their message. If you come across as unsure, nervous or uncomfortable then your credibility is diminished. Learn simple skills that can enhance your presentations to clients and team members. Find out more... 

Business Writing Skills

Writing skills are an important part of any role in an organisation. When you're in a leadership role, you are setting the standard and tone of the organisation. Technology has now meant that we're communicating via the written format more than ever before. Inspire your team with a clear message and impress your clients with your persuasive tone. Find out more...

Leadership Skills

In this technological age, the art of effective communication is disappearing yet it's an essential component in achieving both individual and business goals. Teams are usually made up of a variety of skilled people. Do you know your team's strengths and weaknesses? Are you able to use these strengths and deal with your challenges effectively? Find out more...

Change Management 

Leaders are constantly needing to communicate change within an organisation. How well you do this can result in whether or not your team will work with you or will resist you. Maria works with you to develop a plan and approach to communicate your message clearly and bring your team together to work toward the common goal.

Feedback from Clients

Here is what a few of Maria's clients have said about her coaching techniques.

Christian Payne, Product Manager, eSavvy

'I approached Infinite Growth for coaching sessions to further develop my potential as a leader and effectively improve communication with my colleagues and the wider community. Infinite Growth helped me by providing a supportive learning environment that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become a more effective and confident leader in a changing community environment.

My communication skills and performance in the workplace have greatly improved because of the development and use of SMART goals. What was great and unique was the open and transparent process of communication and that every session was tailor-made to suit my individual needs and requirements. I found the experience honest, challenging, focused and most rewarding.

I would recommend Infinite Growth to any person in a leadership role looking to learn and continuously improve their skills.'

Heather Pinto, General Manager, Christian Community Aid  

'I had been working in Australia for two and a half years after relocating from Paris when I began coaching with Maria.

My background is as a Chartered Accountant specialising in transactions and takeovers and the reports I write for my clients become public documents, so it is important that they are clear and concise. I was aware that strong written communication skills would play a major role in my professional development so I decided to engage Maria's services.

Maria took time to understand the specific areas of difficulty I was facing. Based on this, Maria developed a simple and effective strategy to help me improve my written communication skills in English.

Maria devised a simple method that allowed me to carefully plan each of my written documents, in order to communicate effectively with the reader. With Maria's help I have gained confidence in my ability to write in English and have made significant progress.'

Xavier Blerot, Transaction & Corporate Finance Specialist, Lawler Corporate Finance Pty Ltd    

‘In the busyness of everyday work together with the pressures and demands of my role, my communication skills were slipping. Maria’s gentle coaching style has helped me to develop the framework and set up the parameters for both written and verbal communication, managing time and prioritising.

This has helped me to get back on the right track. I’m now able to achieve more with less.

I’d highly recommend Infinite Growth as a partner to help you keep up the skills we all know we need but seldom stop to check and improve.’

Marina Hart, Training & Development Manager, ING Australia

Benefits of 1-1 coaching

It will...Which means...

Be tailored to your needs

Focusing only on the areas that require attention

Improve your communication skills

Better teamwork and increased productivity

Provide immediate feedback

Immediate application to your workplace

Be flexible to your schedule

No disruption or loss of productivity

Assist you to learn by doing

Better retention of skills and immediate application to your workplace

Assist in structuring your presentations and business documents for maximum effectiveness

Better communication with clients and team members

About a coaching session with Maria

At each session you will receive:

  • A session tailored to your business needs in a supportive environment
  • Immediate feedback during each session
  • A report after each session summarising your strengths and recommendations for improvement - a great reference for the future to check your progress

Contact Maria today on +61 2 8005 7084 or via the enquiry form to discuss a coaching program for your specific needs.

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Team Training

Team Training

During an Infinite Growth workshop, all participants are given the tools to put their new-found business communication skills into practise immediately.

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Executive Coaching

Would you like individualised sessions tailored specifically to your requirements and focusing on your business needs?

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Event Coaching

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