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    Would you like to improve your business writing skills? Infinite Growth's Business Writing Online Program can help you do just that.

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Business Writing Online Program

With the Business Writing Skills Program from Infinite Growth, be prepared to excel. 

Have you been overlooked for another promotion?

Would you like a healthy pay rise?

Or do you just want more confidence at work?

Those who are proficient in business writing skills enjoy the spoils that such proficiency brings.

Managers and employees can score lucrative pay rises, prestigious promotions and huge bonuses just by improving their business writing skills.

At Infinite Growth, we believe that people with excellent business writing skills are perceived to be more knowledgeable, committed and qualified than their non-skilled counterparts.

So if you've been overlooked for that $10,000  pay rise yet again maybe it's time to brush up on one area that could assist: your business writing skills. Because ...

  • Every spelling or grammatical error in an email gives the impression that your work is sloppy
  • Every hard-to-follow report affects your credibility
  • Every document that fails to persuade means another one of your brilliant (promotion-inducing, pay-increasing) ideas goes begging
  • Every document that takes you ages to write can mean longer hours at the office

Many people put off learning effective business writing skills because they can't attend workshops or they think the process of learning is too hard and/or too expensive.

With Infinite Growth's Business Writing program, it is neither. Rather than pay $700 for a one-day course why not pay a fraction of that amount for a self-study program that you can complete at your own pace? (A course that even gives you email support from the course writer, Maria Pantalone)

Not everyone can afford to take an entire day off from work to attend training and not everyone can spend nearly $1000 to learn how to write effectively - no matter what the benefits may be.

This program helped me to be more professional in my everyday writing of business material. All aspects of the program were beneficial and I would recommend it to others. Thanks to Maria for all her help.

Deanna Thomas

Who is this program for?

The business writing program is ideal for you if:

  • You want techniques to structure your documents so that they are easy to follow
  • You want to write a document that will be read by your audience
  • You want to save time when writing a document
  • You want to be able to clearly communicate your message in the written format
  • You write emails to colleagues and clients on a regular basis
  • You're too busy to attend a one-day workshop

The program is packed full of information. We begin with an introduction to effective business writing. You also complete a self-assessment so that you can focus on the areas that you want to develop. Next, we delve into the steps involved in planning a document and you'll be able to immediately apply these steps to your business documents. 

The writing stage is where you bring together all of your planning and apply it to the writing of your document. You'll also cover the different aspects of language and the importance of layouts of documents. 

The editing stage provides you with a three-step process to effectively edit your documents. Finally we'll look at the areas specific to writing emails in the workplace and you'll be given ten tips to help you write more effective emails.

The course was a good overview of things which should be always present in our business writing but often isn't due to time constraints, That is, planning beforehand, writing a structured draft and less passive voice where its usage is not warranted. .

Amy Lynne Welsh

If you've always wanted the confidence to write effectively then this business-writing program is for you.

Need to get started? Invest now for only $250.00 + GST (AUD)

What are the requirements?

  • You will need a notepad and pen.
  • Have a document from your workplace to work on while doing this course.

What will you get from this course?

  • Use a structured approach in business writing.
  • Define the purpose and outcomes of a document.
  • Identify the intended audience of a document.
  • Develop an outline for a business document.
  • Write a business document using plain English, an appropriate tone and using the active voice.
  • Apply a structured approach to editing a business document.
  • Structure emails appropriately for the workplace.

Additional inclusions

  • Online support.
  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • One year subscription to the program.

So what are you waiting for? If you've always wanted the confidence to write effectively, then the online Business Writing Skills Program is for you. Invest now for only $250.00 + GST (AUD)

Exceptional course! I found the course (How to Excel in your Business Writing) to be relevant and very easy to follow. It is comprehensive and provides many useful tools to assist you to write effectively. If you want to improve, be more coherent and articulate in your written communication, whether personal or business writing, then I highly recommend this course.

Francis Foo


If you have any questions send an email via the enquiry form or phone our office on  +61 2 8005 7084.

Your investment

This online program can be completed in your own time and at your own pace with the knowledge that you'll have full online support. Invest now for only $250.00 + GST (AUD)

Contact Infinite Growth

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With the Business Writing Skills Program from Infinite Growth, be prepared to excel.

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