7 steps to networking confidence

7 steps to networking confidenceHave you ever felt anxious about attending a networking event? Here are seven steps to help you feel more keen, confident and courageous.   Read More →

Looking back over the past 10 years

Today, 8 April, Infinite Growth turns 10.

In this short video, we look back on some of the highlights of the past 10 years with images from working with our wonderful clients and special events during this time.  Read More →

10 years in business – what a journey!

Infinite Growth turns 10Where has the time gone? In April, Infinite Growth turns ten.

When I first began the company in 2004 it specialised in delivering workshops in presentation skills, business writing, leadership and team development Read More →

Social media and its impact on communication skills

Social mediaThere’s no doubt about it. Social media has had a huge impact on the way in which we communicate.

The past decade has seen the creation of posts, hashtags, feeds, likes and pins – altering how we talk to each other and how society itself communicates.    Read More →

5 tips for writing regular newsletters

NewsletterAs a busy business person it’s challenging to send out a regular newsletter, but it can be done. Here are my top five tips.   Read More →

Proposals and reports – 4 steps to creating an outline

Writing proposals and reports can be time-consuming. An outline can save you time and can help you to become clear as to the essential components of your document.

Follow these four steps to help you create an outline for your next proposal or report.   Read More →

Preparing Your Voice For Public Speaking

Public SpeakingPreparing for a speech requires not just practising what you are going to say, but also giving yourself the best chance of saying it well.

Preparing your voice, like a singer or actor, will help to bring clarity to your speech.   Read More →

Does the glass ceiling exist?

The term, glass ceiling, refers to claims that women have an invisible barrier preventing them from achieving the highest level of success in the workplace.

Check out the infographic, courtesy of Courses Direct, that looks at statistics from 2013.   Read More →

Four powerful body language tips

What impact does your body language have on your presentation? Does it detract from the message of your presentation or does it add to it? 

Here are four powerful body language tips to help you shine during your next presentation.   Read More →

Keeping Up Appearances: Personal Presentation for Public Speaking

The importance of how you present yourself when speaking in public cannot be underestimated. Image plays a large role in how you are perceived and how your message is received.

Portraying yourself in an appropriate and professional manner can have an impact on your presentation. It encourages your audience to focus on listening to you, rather than being distracted by your appearance.

Let’s examine how you can put your best foot forward for your next presentation.  Read More →