11 Quick-Fire Speaking Tips From The Experts

TerrifiedPublic speaking doesn’t have to be terrifying. It’s all about delivering a clear message in a way that captures your audience’s attention.

We asked 11 experts for their favourite quick tip when it comes to giving a professional and polished presentation.   Read More →

Speaking Up: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

How can you make public speaking an asset and enhance your role as a workplace leader?

This infographic, courtesy of Top Management Degrees, looks at the power of speaking up.

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Slideshare: World’s Worst Presenter

Find out what you can do to avoid the five ways to ruin your presentation and in turn be in the running for the title of World’s Worst Presenter.

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Infographic: Empower your team

Our latest infographic provides four top tips on how to empower your team.   Read More →

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10 tips for handling questions in a presentation

Q&ADo you dread the question and answer (Q&A) session of a presentation?

Here are ten tips to assist in your next presentation.   Read More →

13 insider tips for your next speaking event

Gold microphoneGiving a speech can be a daunting experience. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Powerful communication is a skill that can be learnt.

Our expert panel shares their advice and insider tips, to help you become the confident speaker you want to be.   Read More →

Are you dis-empowering your team?

Success or FailureHave you ever worked on a project and wondered why team members were not stepping up and performing at their best? Could you be the reason?

When team members take ownership of a project they make every effort to ensure that all aspects of it are handled in the best possible way.

When they don’t, it soon becomes evident.    Read More →

Presentation tips for the seasoned speaker

MicrophoneWhether you’ve given a thousand speeches, or ten thousand, there is always something to learn or improve upon. A presentation can still be a source of stress for even the most seasoned speaker.

We spoke to 5 professional speakers to find out their advice for helping move an experienced speaker from good to great.   Read More →

Why stories & speeches go hand-in-hand

The storyThe power of telling stories in your presentations and speeches cannot be underestimated. They can be used to draw in your audience and help to make your message memorable long after you have finished speaking.

I spoke with these three experts about using stories in speeches and how you can be inspired to do the same in your next presentation.   Read More →

Word Clipping

ScissorsThe shortening of words has long been a part of language evolution. The English language is full of clipped words, which usually emerge as time-savers in both speaking and writing.   Read More →