Presentation tips for the seasoned speaker

MicrophoneWhether you’ve given a thousand speeches, or ten thousand, there is always something to learn or improve upon. A presentation can still be a source of stress for even the most seasoned speaker.

We spoke to 5 professional speakers to find out their advice for helping move an experienced speaker from good to great.   Read More →

Why stories & speeches go hand-in-hand

The storyThe power of telling stories in your presentations and speeches cannot be underestimated. They can be used to draw in your audience and help to make your message memorable long after you have finished speaking.

I spoke with these three experts about using stories in speeches and how you can be inspired to do the same in your next presentation.   Read More →

Word Clipping

ScissorsThe shortening of words has long been a part of language evolution. The English language is full of clipped words, which usually emerge as time-savers in both speaking and writing.   Read More →

Speaking with Passion

Speaking with PassionPassion is the exchange of energy and in public speaking it can create a real and valuable emotional connection with your audience.

Being a passionate speaker means believing in your message, even when it is quietly conveyed.

Here are some thoughts from six expert speakers on being passionate about your topic in your next presentation.   Read More →

Infographic: Top Tips for Engaging Readers

Thinking about how you can best engage your readers?

Here are four tips to do just that.

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Reflections on 10 years in business – 5 lessons learnt

Birthday cake - 10This year marks ten years since I established my business. After experiencing the highs and lows of owning my own business I like to think that I am wiser and have lessons to share.   Read More →

Infographic: 5 tips for writing regular newsletters

Our latest infographic gives a visual representation of tips to help you write regular newsletters.   Read More →

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Using visuals and a story to enhance your presentation

Ready to goMy webinar on The Power of the Story had participants attend from around the world. The webinar covered both the important aspects of a story and how to use PowerPoint in telling your story.

Here I am ready to begin the webinar. It was great to connect with so many people interested in crafting a story to make an impact in a presentation.   Read More →

World’s Worst Presenter

PoorHave you ever gone to a presentation interested in the topic only to be disappointed by its delivery?

I recently had just that experience. My interest soon turned to disappointment as the presenter followed what I call the 5 habits to ruin a presentation. Would it put them in the running for the title of the World’s Worst Presenter? Possibly so!   Read More →

AITD National Conference 2014

The Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) National Conference was held on 14 and 15 May at the Australian Technology Park.

Here are reflections from two participants who have also included comments from other participants via Twitter.   Read More →